Ascension Mastery

[12-Monthly Support Modules]


I AM so excited to personally invite you to apply for the Ascension Mastery Empowerment Plan. In Ascension Mastery, you'll reawaken and embody the sacred god/dess that resides within you through tantric principles of sacred union and communion activating your Divine Feminine heart, and so much more... 


This decision will forever change the course of your entire life and empower you to heal the subliminal programs, beliefs, and habits that keep you living small and disconnected from your Divine knowing, grace, and superconscious soul powers through our work in Body-Mind Mastery.

In Heart Mastery, you will discover how to clear the field of your heart, to love yourself and the other unconditionally, to heal through genuine love, and return to the Divine innocence of your inner child through the love of your heart. 


In Soul Mastery, you'll open Inner seeing, visualization, and spiritual perception reflecting the spiritual action of the heaven worlds, your true heart's desire, and the dreams of your heart in a loving alliance where you are fully supported to become centered in the use of your soul-gifts and powers through the activation of your spiritual atoms.

Everything you receive in this alliance has been birthed out of my own pain and suffering calling out in the dark nights of my soul for miracle grace to heal and free me from the shackles that bound my heart, spirit, and soul. Through my own overcoming, I have honed the exact steps necessary to open and heal your wounded heart from the inside out.

Over the course of Ascension Mastery, you will receive powerful rEvolutionary ascension codes and tools to accelerate the healing, activation, and remembrance of your Christ Body Template that has brought you here on a soul-star mission of awakening your heart as a wayshower of Sophia Christ Consciousness.

Why take such a vulnerable journey alone when you can get support for your evolutionary awakening of Sophia Christ Consciousness with someone who has already taken the journey, along with a Divine Intercessory Council of Ascended Dragon Masters, Solar, and Galactic Archangels.

Let’s take this journey together god/dess . . . the Divine Feminine way! 


Soul-Star Family 

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Holy Moly!

Jessica C.

"Holy Moly! It is like “bam!” Christ energy in your aura. Then with my third eye I saw a hand on my shoulder, and this gold ring of energy came out like it was clearing my energy and with a deep voice I heard the words “no more.” I feel like whoever’s hand was on my shoulder was much bigger than I. It cleared everything out."

powerful beyond my understanding

Janice L., LMFT

"I had a very special session with Son’Yah. She is a guide that carries both power and tenderness. I felt completely supported by her generous sharing of wisdom. The Christ Codes are powerful beyond my understanding. I am still integrating the experience. The following morning, I awakened from a dream where I was repeating the mantra I was given to practice, over and over. Again this morning, I awoke with the mantra on my tongue, yet at this moment I cannot recall the words. I know it is working on me in my dream-time.... While I don’t have conscious awareness of all they bring, I have a knowing that they are blessing me in multidimensional ways."

Simple Process to Accelerate Higher Consciousness

Alice G.

"I've spent years working on raising my consciousness while trying to identify and release unconscious beliefs, emotions, stuck energy and patterns that are holding me back from my truth, wellbeing and a glorious ascension. The Christ Code Mantra is a gift that speeds up this process and helps identify and transmute the energies that are not serving me... I'm impressed by what this mantra and program offers!"

renewed sense of purpose, vigor and vitality

Joy P.

"My Hearing has been activated and integrated with my Seeing. I’m seeing shifts in energy, colors and feeling new frequencies.  I feel protected, grounded and clear. I’ve always had a strong intuitive sense, but this clarity is on another level - embodied in a new way.


clears a path to the doors that need to be opened

Matthew G.

"My experience of the Christ Codes is that it clears a path to the doors that need to be opened. This feeling stayed with me during my healing and afterwards opened up other doors – not for healing, but for embracing. 


"During my session, I perceived a sapphire blue star in the middle of the Plasma Code Mandala that I was meditating on. This star drew me in and I intermittently experienced feelings of my own power.  At this point, I was deep into the healing of abandonment issues and so my focus drifted. However, today I realized that the star was a portal that, with my acquiescence, my more expanded self has easy access to this waking consciousness. I feel totally different than I did even earlier today."


Debra C.

"Everything you said today resonated within me with such alignment with my own life~experience and feeling~thought form that it was as though I was talking to myself listening to you!  I seem to be on the cusp of everything you are bringing into the conscious-light of my mind~heart~body.  I could take hours to go through each of the things you said and explore the worlds that were opening up in me, breath by breath..."

IN Gratitude

Janne L.

"I healed my limiting beliefs around my father wound using the Christ Codes. My father was a part of my limiting belief to the point that he had put me in prison. After he opened the cell door, the gutter around the cell disappeared and crumbled before my eyes. My little girl is with me now and I am thrilled about it. In Gratitude, Janne."

12 moduleS to support YOUR
STARGATE Dragon journey


Stargate 1 ~ body-Mind Mastery


Resources: Orientation Module for Accessing Course Materials and Resources available to you throughout your journey into Stargates 1, 2, and 3.  Includes ancillary materials, videos, white papers, tools, and more.


Stargate 1 ~ body-Mind Mastery

Module 2: Tantric Spiritual Makeover

Christ Diamond Activations for Your Lightbody and Mind Protection

3D Benefits:  Increased sexual and creative energy, more available energy and enthusiasm for life, mental clarity, and peace of mind, a sense of well-being.

5D Benefits:  Spiritual buoyancy to face the world and your everyday challenges, increased life force, magnetism, spiritual radiation, and ability to manifest your dreams and desires into reality.

S_Messenger dna-3539309_1280.jpg

Stargate 1 ~ body-Mind Mastery

Module 3: Tantric Union

Christ Diamond Activations for Your Cellular DNA 

3D Benefits:  You'll experience a renewed sense of purpose, vigor, and vitality​ , and increased abundance in all areas of your life.

5D Benefits: The DNA codes will activate your divine genetic blueprint (Divine Matrix) and your star Merkabah for spiritual rejuvenation, upliftment, and increased awareness of your body temple.

N_Divine Nature.jpg

Stargate 1 ~ Body-mind Mastery

Module 4: Stairway to Heaven

Christ Diamond Activations for Your 28-Major Chakras 

3D Benefits: Clears energetic blockages in your 12-base chakra centers, activation of your body temple for regeneration and healing of your cellular body, increased life force, and so much more...

5D Benefits:   Prepares the body temple for the full embodiment of your Christ body template and the awakening of Sophia Christ Consciousness. 


Stargate 2 ~ Heart Mastery
Module 5: The Dragon initiation

Christ Diamond Clearing for Physical Mastery

3D Benefits:  The Christ Earth Codes heal and emancipate the body temple from wounds inflicted against your divinity, your divine sexuality and the body temple at the behest of personal, ancestral, and collective mass consciousness insanity. Freedom to live the life you’ve always dreamed of but were too afraid or unsure how to manifest into reality. 

5D Benefits:  The Earth Dragons support the healing of lifetimes of persecution, intentional suffering and personal, ancestral, and collective karma. The ability to bring heaven to earth by fully embodying your Divine Self in physical form.


Stargate 2 ~ Heart Mastery 
Module 6: The Mermaid Initiation

Christ Diamond Clearing for Emotional Mastery

3D Benefits:   The Christ Water Codes heal and trans-energize your emotional core wounds and resistances; heal paralyzing fear, anxiety, and stress; eliminate self-judgment, guilt, blame and shame which keeps you playing small and afraid of expressing your authentic self.

5D Benefits:  The Water Dragons support you in the reclamation of your divine innocence, vulnerability, and restoration of your core emotional strength and resilience; creative power to manifest an abundant life living in divine flow that comes from a healed and open heart.


Stargate 2 ~ Heart Mastery
Module 7: The DIVINE MATRIX Initiation

Christ Diamond Clearing for Mind Mastery

3D Benefits: The Christ Plasma Codes free you from viral programs and belief systems that keep you imprisoned in mental illusions, fantasies, and lies; expose and disempower the intellectual, rational ego-mind and reconnect you to the pure thought-forms flowing from Sophia-God-Source.

5D Benefits:  In their purest form, the Plasma Dragons support your embodiment of the power and strength of the Divine Masculine working in partnership with the Divine Feminine. When the personal will is aligned with the Divine Will of Sophia-God-Source, original creative solutions for radical change are inevitable. 


Stargate 2 ~ Heart Mastery
Module 8: The dRAGON Phoenix Initiation

Christ Diamond Clearing for Heart Mastery

3D Benefits: The Christ Fire Codes open the way to miraculous healing, increased awareness and emotional freedom from the chains that bind you to habitual patterns and self-destructive thoughts, feelings, and emotions that lead to dis-eases of the body, mind, and emotions.

 5D Benefits:   The Fire Dragons support the opening of your heart to the Christ through the activation of your Sacred Heart Atom. Held in a safe container of love, you are gently guided back to your Divine Nature for the healing and rejuvenation of your broken heart and wounded spirit.

Krishna and Radha.jpg

Stargate 3 ~ Soul Mastery
Module 9: The divine wILL iNITIATION

Christ Diamond Clearing for Dream Mastery

3D Benefits: The Christ Air Codes free your voice from the bonds that have silenced you in life, in this and parallel lifestreams. Freeing the throat chakra from sworn oaths and vows that served another time empowers your words to create miracles in your life and for the earth. 

5D Benefits:  The Air Dragons support the healing and freeing of the throat chakra, opening pathways to clear seeing of your soul-purpose, soul gifts, and soul-powers. When the throat, heart, and solar plexus are healed and aligned with Divine Will, you become a mighty manifestor for Sophia-God-Source.


Stargate 3 ~ Soul Mastery
Module 10: The sOLAR iNITIATION

Christ Diamond Clearing for Spiritual Mastery

3D Benefits:  The Christ Aether Codes activate the Kings, Queens and Secret Chambers within your higher brain center for the awakening of Third Eye and expanded soul gifts and powers. 

5D Benefits:  The Aether Dragons support the activation of your Eternal Atom opening portals to conscious realization and unification of all your parallel lifetimes into zero-point consciousness. Accessing your akashic memories clears a path toward healing of the wounded heart in multiple lifestreams for mastery of your earth plane existence. 


stargate 3 ~ Soul Mastery
Module 11: The lions' gate iNITIATION

Christ Diamond Clearing for Christ Mind Activations

3D Benefits:  The Christ Bioplasma Codes activate the cerebral cortex, the center that controls attention, perception, awareness, thought, memory, language, and consciousness.  This center holds the key to stepping outside of physical reality into expanded awareness, the superconscious, and other dimensional realities for your ascension into Sophia Christ Consciousness.

5D Benefits: The Bioplasma Dragons support your full healing, illumination, and integration of your heart within the Tree or Ankh of Life. It is through the integration of your kundalini centers that you shed the limitations of form to move outside the space-time continuum to effect change not only here on earth but also throughout the quantum field. 


stargate 3 ~ Soul Mastery
Module 12:  the christ Dragons' iNITIATION

Christ Diamond Clearing for Soul-Star Activations

3D Benefits:  The Christ Dragon Codes for merging the Soul Star and Earth Star with Your High Heart.​ As a fully embodied Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine god/dess of love and light, you enter into unity or Sophia Christ Consciousness with the power to create radical solutions for your life, the earth, and all of creation. 

5D Benefits: The Christ Dragons of Truth and Sovereignty are the twin double helix guardians to the heart of Sophia.  As the Alpha and Omega, they mark the end of your journey and the beginning of your next-level activations into the Christ Codes where you will learn the ABCs of the Christ Dragon Light Language for birthing Heaven on Earth.


You'll Receive

  • Opening Orientation Session to support and guide you into your twelve-month journey into Ascension Mastery.


  • Quarterly Q&A Sessions on how to successfully access your blocks, inhibitions, and core-wounds using the Christ Codes 3-Stage 3.6.9. Quantum Empowerment Clearing System:​​


  • 47-Full Colored Yantras for use in conjunction with the Christ Code Mantams and DNA Codes to open spiritual ideas for breakthroughs in consciousness and to access and clear your soul memories.

  • Member Resource Library includes access to Replays of Bi-Monthly Group Sessions, including Healthcare Tools, Tips, and Resources, Bonus Materials, all from one location.

  • Online Support Modules includes twelve (12) online Monthly Course Modules, with Complimentary Tools, Videos, Guides, and Charts on the Christ Codes, Ascension, and PDF Printouts of the Christ Codes and Practices to support, enhance, and deepen your experience.​

  • Private Community Forum for online support with like-hearted souls to support and share your sol-journ and to answer your questions throughout your journey.

  • Closing Ceremony celebrating our work together over the course of the year.

  • Eligibility for Admission into the Christ Codes Certification Program.