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I AM so excited to personally invite you to apply for Body-Mind Mastery. This decision will forever change the course of your entire life and empower you to heal the subliminal programs, beliefs and habits that keep you living small and disconnected from your Divine knowing, grace and superconscious soul powers.

The purpose of Body-Mind Mastery is to empower you through not only eliminating subliminal programs and belief systems but to clear your field of energetic transmissions being broadcast across the airwaves through mass conscious thoughts, media, satellite, wi-fi, H.A.A.R.P., etc. These technologies are designed to keep you enslaved in the consciousness of suffering, servitude, victimhood and poverty consciousness.

Everything you receive in this curriculum has been birthed out of my own pain and suffering calling out in the dark nights of my soul for miracle grace to heal and free me from the shackles that have bound my spirit. Through my own overcoming, I have honed the exact steps necessary to open and free your ego from the programs that run us on a subconscious level through the rational, intellectual, and  ego-mind.

Over the course of Body-Mind Mastery, you'll receive powerful (R)evolutionary activation codes and tools to accelerate the clearing, activation of your higher brain centers for the remembrance of your divinity as a wayshower of Sophia Christ Consciousness.

Why take such a vulnerable journey alone when you can be supported in your evolutionary awakening of Sophia Christ Consciousness with someone who has already taken the journey, along with a Divine Intercessory Council of Ascended Dragon Masters and Galactic Archangels.

Let’s take this journey together god/dess . . . the Divine Feminine way! 


Soul-Star Family 



Affected in a positive way financially, creatively. emotionally & physicallyRozanne Taucher Testimonial
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Increased abundance

Paulus B.

 " . . . I’ve been learning how to trade stocks . . . It's something I enjoy doing. . . .  When I started doing the Christ Codes I began to get very clear, crystal clear, on strategies and how and when to employ them.  I've made an incredible amount of money in that period of time because I am intuiting when to enter a trade and when to exist it better than I ever could before.  It's very significant."  

Simple Process to Accelerate Higher Consciousness

Alice Green

"I've spent years working on raising my consciousness while trying to identify and release unconscious beliefs, emotions, stuck energy and patterns that are holding me back from my truth, well-being and a glorious ascension. The Christ Code Mantra is a gift that speeds up this process and helps identify and transmute the energies that are not serving me... I'm impressed by what this mantra and program offers!"

3 gUIDED sELF-initiation moduleS



Stargate 1 ~ Body-MIND MASTERY

Module 1:  Resource Library

Orientation Ceremony

Resource:  Orientation Module for Accessing Course Materials and Resources available to you throughout your journey into Stargate 1.  Includes ancillary materials,  videos, white papers, tools, and more.


Stargate 1 ~ Body-MIND MASTERY

Module 2: Tantric Spiritual Makeover

Christ Diamond Activations for Your Lightbody

3D Benefits:  Increased sexual and creative energy, more available energy and enthusiasm for life, mental clarity, and peace of mind, a sense of well-being.

5D Benefits:  Spiritual buoyancy to face the world and your everyday challenges, increased life force, magnetism, spiritual radiation, and ability to manifest your dreams and desires into reality.

S_Messenger dna-3539309_1280.jpg

Stargate 1 ~ Body-MIND MASTERY

Module 3: Tantric Union

Christ Diamond Activations for Your Cellular DNA

3D Benefits:  You'll experience a renewed sense of purpose, vigor, and vitality​, and increased abundance in all areas of your life.

5D Benefits: The DNA codes will activate your divine genetic blueprint (Divine Matrix) and your star Merkabah for spiritual rejuvenation, upliftment, and increased awareness of your body temple.

N_Divine Nature.jpg

Stargate 1 ~ body-MIND MASTERY

Module 4: Stairway to Heaven

Christ Diamond Activations for Your Chakras

3D Benefits: Clears energetic blockages in your 12-base chakra centers, activation of your body temple for regeneration and healing of your cellular body, increased life force, and so much more...

5D Benefits:   Prepares the body temple for the full embodiment of your Christ body template and the awakening of Sophia Christ Consciousness. 


Stargate 1 ~ body-MIND MASTERY


Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony celebrating the freeing of the ego from mind control programs and preparing the way for Heart Mastery.


You'll Receive


  • Opening Orientation Session to support and guide you into a three (3) month mentorship for freeing you from the mass consciousness limiting beliefs, programs​​, and habits for Body-Mind Mastery.

  • 2-Monthly Healing Sessions to zero in on your personal blocks, inhibitions, beliefs and programs that keep you from fully showing up for your life, Divine Purpose, and Soul Mission.​

  • Quarterly Q&A Session on how to successfully free your mind using the 3-Stage System of Christ Codes.​​​​

  • 14-Activation Codes for clearing, healing, and eliminating viral programs, blockages, inhibitions that keep you disconnected from your Divine Self, Soul Purpose and Mission. 

  • 14-DNA Embodiment Codes to anchor Sophia Christ Consciousness into your cellular DNA for quantum accelerated healing. 

  • 2-Clearing Yantras to open windows into your soul memory for healing, clearing and integration of this lifestream into full conscious mastery.

  • Closing Ceremony celebrating the freeing of the ego from mind control programs and preparing the way for Heart Mastery.

  • Eligibility for Admission into the Christ Codes Certification Program.

value-packed Bonuses

WORTH over $680!



  • BONUS #1:  Member Resource Library of ancillary materials including videos, white papers, tools & much more. ($333 Value)

  • BONUS #2: 3-Online Support Modules including guided meditations, videos, audios, articles, instruction, and exercises to enhance and deepen your experience.​ ($297 Value)

  • BONUS #3: Private Community Forum for online support and questions throughout your journey. ($54 Value)​​

6-Reasons why you should

Take Action Now

  • Suffering is a perpetual addiction that keeps repeating itself in new forms of expression.

  • You have suffered enough in all lifetimes.

  • You have the power to ascend off the karmic wheel of pain and suffering in this lifetime.

  • It's time to create the life and world you've only dared to dream about.

  • It's time to start living in Sophia Christ Consciousness with perfect health, joy, prosperity and peace.

  • You are here to birth miracles on earth for a new paradigm of BEing.

  • You are here to bring Heaven on Earth. 



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