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“The blending of the Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxies

is producing a third. Mother Gaia is ascending to this new

blueprint in the heavens as she ascends through the

sun into a greater galactic role in the universe.” 

~ Divine Mother Sophia 

The Christ Codes initiate you into a Modern Mystery School of Mastery using a contemporary form of the Kabbalah. They are a gift to humanity from Divine Mother Sophia for mastering the mystery of the human experience in preparation for humanity's ascension with Mother Gaia’s in 2029.


The Christ Codes are heaven-sent in the form of a Diamond Light Language designed to:  


  • Awaken the Divine Feminine Christ energies for the balancing and integration of your masculine and feminine polarities.   

  • Activate and accelerate the Christ Intelligence residing within your divine genetic blueprint.   

  • Coordinate and align your spiritual atoms within your superconscious diamond centers.    



Son’Yah is the Founder of a modern Mystery School of Mastery dedicated to healing the sacred heart of the divine feminine. She is the Co-Creator of the Christ Codes, a rEvolutionary clearing system designed to heal your core wounds and free you from your limiting beliefs and programs for Ascension Mastery.


In her role as an Oracle and Prophet, she is here to support humanity to ascend into Sophia Christ Consciousness for this once in a soul-time event in preparation for Mother Gaia's ascension.

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