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Mary Magdalene and Christ Jesus appeared before us. They enveloped us in a beautiful white light of protection, love, and peace. They said that our world was breaking down. Mary went on to explain that we need not have any fear and to continue having complete faith. Regardless of what is happening around us we are protected and taken care of, just as we have always been. 
 Then in the distance, we could see a small picture of a calm peaceful green hill with trees and a blue sky. We asked what it was, and they responded, “It is the New Earth that we and others have created. A beautiful world of peace, joy, and love.” They said that there would be obstacles in this new world but different from what we had experienced in the past. This new world was the next step in our evolution.

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The Christ Codes cosmology presents a universal blueprint for your Ascension Mastery using Master Light Codes to embody Sophia Christ Consciousness.

  • Introduces a Divine Intercessory Council of Seraphim Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Dragon Masters to guide and support your soul mission.

  • An ascension roadmap that offers direct guidance for embodying your I AM Presence.

  • Broadcasts Christ Diamond Light as the Spirit of Truth to dispel and transform all illusion.​​


  • Features the 3.6.9. Quantum Empowerment System to activate the Christ Intelligence within your spiritual atoms for uninterrupted guidance from your Divine Self.


  • Guides you through 13 stages of self-initiation for the unification of your multidimensional lifestreams into one perfected composite identity for your spiritual and physical Ascension.


  • Access the New Earth Cooperative to open your Divine Channel through guided quantum mediation.


  • Access a Global Community Forum to support the integration of Sophia Christ Consciousness into your daily life. 

  • Empowers entry into the Dragonheart Light Council as a Spiritual Architect of the New Earth.

Dedicated to healing the sacred heart of the Divine Feminine, the Christ Codes are a sacred transmission from Divine Mother Sophia encoded to activate your soul mission as a Spiritual Architect of the New Earth.

Son'Yah is an Emissary of the Cosmos Christ, Spiritual Scientist, and Quantum Alchemist. She guides the Spiritual Initiate to make union with their soul powers through selfless service in preparation for humanity’s Ascension with Mother Gaia in 2029.

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