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Ascension Part 3 | Riding the Evolutionary Wave

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

You and the rest of humanity are presently in a cycle of conscious awakening on a planetary level that is preparing you to move into a faster dream reality. This faster dream reality is called the 5th dimension.

Have you ever noticed that your nighttime dreams are much faster than your waking state, (3rd-dimensional dream)? Whenever you change your focus of attention in a nighttime dream, the dream immediately reflects that change. That's because, in a 5th-dimensional dream, your thoughts manifest instantaneously.

Consciously waking up to the fact that you are living in a physical dream that you are co-creating with others allows you to dream and manifest your intentions more quickly. As more and more of you are waking up to this fact, you are changing your Dreamtime vibration until one day you begin to create a physical 5th-dimensional dream reality.

This is why you are experiencing time speeding up because it actually is. You are slowly being activated to wake up so that eventually you'll be operating in a physical 5th-dimensional dream where all of your thoughts will instantaneously manifest, just like they do when you’re asleep.

This is why the world is looking so scary and acting so crazy. Our biggest fears are manifesting right before our eyes. What you fear controls you at a very deep level. If you have no idea what is running your internal program, you are going to be constantly surprised by what you are manifesting as your reality. There is no way to stop this cycle. However, what you can do is take progressive action to wake up and start being a conscious dreamer.

Here is an illustration of what I mean about being a conscious dreamer: I recently awoke from a dream where Isis was showing me scenes from an airplane window about how to speak about the coming ascension wave. (Listen to my Ascension Countdown video for the full story.)

Next, I'm on land, standing in an alcove watching the wave growing in size as a wall of water. In front of the wave is a retaining wall that's been put up to hold back the wave.

A person who is now with me in the dream wants to know how close the wave is before it will crash over the wall. So, he goes out to take a look-see and finds that the wave is about to crest over the wall. He quickly runs back to join me in the alcove where the wave can't reach us.

Suddenly, the wave crests over the wall carrying a person in its wake. Seeing that they are going to crash into the shoreline, they try to resist the forward motion of the wave.

Another wave comes over the wall, this time carrying a person who is body surfing inside of the wave. Their head is outside so they can see where they're going, but they too are being pushed by the powerful force of the wave.

A third wave comes over the wall, this time carrying a person who looks like they're in the middle of a high dive act, skillfully hydroplaning on top of the wave. Although they are successfully maneuvering the wave, they have no control over the wave.

Upon waking up from the dream, I realized Isis was pointing out the different approaches that people can take when approaching the coming ascension wave.

Looking at the symbolism in the dream, the ocean represents the origins of life, and the wave represents the life currents we all have to deal with.

How are you approaching the current of life in your waking dream? Are you resisting life and being pushed along by the forces of nature, slamming into one experience after another?

Or are you the bodysurfer? You’re aware of what's going on and where you're going, but you have no control over how you arrive at your destination.

Are you the surfer? You’re in front of the wave, not really being affected by the current of life, but still having no control of the forces that are directing your life.

Or are you the witness, observing the currents of life, not affected by them because you're now operating in a 5th-dimensional dream reality where you're creating your experiences rather than being a victim of them.

Stay tuned for Part 4 to find out how to become a conscious dreamer and what you can do to prepare for the ascension wave.

The Ascension Wave
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