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Commission from the Masters

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Before we jump into the Christ Codes: Ascension Mastery and Workbook any further, let me share how the writing of the Christ Codes came about. After undergoing an initiation to see if we could work together, three masters appeared to me and my first husband while we were up at Kings Canyon National Park. They said that we had just qualified to do a work together. Over the next few months, we received composite telepathies clarifying our work together, what it was hoped we would accomplish, and what it would bring to the world. The following are excerpts from messages that were recorded over several sessions:

"You have been going through a qualifying process to be part of the drama of the new Holy Scriptures. You both were going through an upgrade. Together, you will have a place in the new Holy drama which is yet to be revealed. It is part of the building process as pioneers—creating an etheric pattern, opening a way for others to follow. Scriptures are the roadmaps for humanity to follow over long periods of time. You are both Bodhisattvas1 being brought together for a work which you are uniquely positioned to do as far as being the ones selected for it… .”

The Masters asked us to perform a reading with the system we were developing and to pose the following question:

“What will the fruits of our work produce within us and in the world?” 

The following is the result of that reading:

“The Present: We are currently wrestling with the monsters of our mind, as is the world. If we succumb to our fears, we will split apart from nature in our attempt to control the situation. For man, it is his attempt to control atomic energy or issues of power. The task here is to balance our power relationship with one another and in the world or cosmic view, with Nature. The uniting of our true nature with Nature is what inspires the beginning of the inner journey—energizes it and gives it true power, not a manipulation of power.
“The Past: We have been given a vision of our inner work with God and the Masters which has given us a vision to be stronger in life. This vision empowers us to conduct ourselves from our Higher Selves rather than from our undeveloped side. The test for us was to separate reality from illusion. We successfully accomplished this and have thus been chosen to do the inner work of integrating the archetypal knowledge with the feminine energy knowledge. The feminine energy is coming to birth within women and the planet at large; this work will help to integrate and balance the feminine within the masculine.
“The Future: Our work will bring about the integration and healing of the yin and yang polarities within ourselves and the planet leading to a Divine Marriage2 of the feminine and masculine within the Will of God. This work will bring about an opportunity for growth through the expansion and elimination of all enclosure energies that seek to encase each one of us in our extremes of yin or yang thoughts. We can either stand at the precipice and be controlled by the enclosure thoughts which mind control the masses, or we can make a leap to a higher spiral of evolutionary consciousness. This occurs when the yin and yang polarities within each chakra are blended into one.3
“The matriarchal and patriarchal cycles of energy were necessary forging tools within the evolutionary process of man to concentrate the growth within these polarities. This new cycle will bring about a balancing of the feminine and masculine. Our work with the archetypal knowledge will assist in bringing about the balance and ultimately the Divine Marriage into oneness or androgyny.



Stay tuned for the next post on The Birthing of the Christ Codes.

Excerpts were taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery. To view the balance of this reading, please see the book.

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1 A Bodhisattva is a Saint or Holy Personage who has vowed to reincarnate until all of humanity ascends off the karmic wheel of pain and suffering. They assists others in the world to make union with their soul-powers through selfless service.

2 A Divine Marriage is the perfect blending of the masculine and feminine polarities through soul-initiations by way of the chakras.

3 The feminine or yin aspect of the polarities produce emotion and intuition; the masculine or yang aspect of the polarities produce mind and reason.
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