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Down the Rabbit Hole

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

“Through singularity, we are connected to ALL knowledge, memory and form.”

My path toward wholeness has taken me down the rabbit hole of lost and hidden aspects of myself that I managed to ignore, forget or just didn’t listen to. Out of my own sense of survival, I endured the pain and suffering of life in relative silence until a drug overdose at age 19.

Memories from this lifestream began to reenact themselves in dreams in order to reveal the unresolved feelings that have shaped and formed my life. Learning to feel love, compassion and forgiveness for these disavowed parts of myself brought up my greatest fears in facing and taking responsibility for my creations. In my prayers for assistance, I was guided to the perfect instrument that could support me in that moment of need. The support provided the safety net necessary to face my fears and begin to love the negated parts of myself once again.

Then memories of other lifestreams began to float to the surface to give me an infinite perspective of myself. “The Way” to access these infinite parts was found by diving deep into the quantum universe. By venturing into the universe within, I started to unite the discordant parts of my multidimensional self that were fueling one another. In taking the ghosts out of the closet, from all lifestreams, I began to heal the puzzle of inner and outer conflicts and illusions, from a whole perspective. The potential arose to rewrite my soul’s story from the Present now. Visualizing the outcome I would like, from a place of unconditional love, materialized potential timelines into existence that altered my experience of life, moving forward and back.

We’ve all perceived visualization from the mind’s eye where the body responds to it as if it’s physically occurring. That’s because we live in a holographic universe where there are infinite potentials and infinite possibilities based on all our choices. When we realize that we are the programmers of our multidimensional lifestreams and stop allowing ourselves to be programmed, we can rewrite and recreate the reality that we choose.

Remember the movie “Lucy,” where she moves into singularity by connecting to the memory of “All That Is?” Through singularity, we are connected to ALL knowledge, memory and form. This is possible because, not only is singularity connected to Everything, including our chromosomes, genes and DNA, but it’s also embedded into the structure of spacetime which is linked to the Present.

So, why not start living the life you’ve always wanted? The Universal Principles of Creation are here to support you in everything that you think, say and do. Why not write a different movie and reclaim the power that you gave away in the old version? Why not send back the energy that you unknowingly took on by living someone else’s version of your life? Taking back your power is an act of consciousness. When you begin to live by that consciousness, you become a conscious co-creator with the potential to change the world and create miracles on earth!

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