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Updated: Mar 4, 2020

There are three abysses that must be traversed by the dream body. In this lesson, we will learn about the second abyss.

Second Abyssi To move over the second abyss, one must undergo forty-nine purification emotional trials,and thus reach the First Heaven through the help of the Saints. In night flight, before the initiate may reach the First Heaven, he must cross over the second abyss, which is located in the inner rim of the thirteenth etheric layer close to the core of the earth.

If one has sinned against the Holy Ghost, he must contest the sub-elemental forces dwelling deep within the second abyss. If one is without ethic, or has persecuted the Saints, or retains any atheistic or agnostic thoughts and feelings, or if he has desire for magical powers, he is drawn downward into the horrendous action occurring in the second abyss, and he is challenged by the sub-elementals and also by the cynical unrisen dead.

The second abyss of contorted movement and agitation is stained and colored by the tumultuous emotions of men on earth. All that men feel negatively is imprinted upon this abyss. Inverted feeling saturates the second abyss; these chaotic feelings and desires return to disturb the feelings of the initiate when he seeks to rise to the First Heaven. Only with pure desiring may one master the effects of this abyss. The initiate experiences these abyss recoils during dreams and during waking experiences.

i Ann Ree Colton, The Archetypal Kingdom, Ann Ree Colton Foundation, p. 198.


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