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Updated: Mar 4, 2020

When one has fulfilled his initiations into the thirteen etheric layers of the earth, he is then ready to be initiated into the First Heaven or the Higher Astral World.1 The First Heaven is a Sphere of Light initiatory plane. To assist us in the Spheres of Light initiations, a plateau of Light is built from the prayers of men where the Great immortals await those who rise in the night to the Spheres of light or Hall of Wisdom.2

The Higher Astral World is the grace emotional body of the earth. One learns of his soul. All is love and soul in the First Heaven. The combined soul-light of Illumined Beings builds the body for the First Heaven. The Saints and all the Presences of the First Heaven send the First Heaven Light into the souls and the minds of men.

All who undergo the Spheres of Light initiations must first undergo the Saturn initiation. To be qualified for higher initiations, one comes under the influence of the somber Saturn tones which play upon the higher etheric body, the memory portal of the mind, the heart and the procreative organs.

In the next post, I will talk about the Saturn Initiations, also known as the Fourth Astral Plane.

1Ann Ree Colton, The Archetypal Kingdom, p. 258. 2Colton, Ibid., p. 201.

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