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Updated: Dec 15, 2020


Here is a video link to an interview with Dr. Christiane Northrup about the dangers of the Covid Vaccination being developed for world distribution.  I believe everyone around the world needs to hear what Dr. Northrup reveals in this interview.  If you resonate with this message, please forward it to your family and friends.  Everyone needs to understand the consequences of what we soon will all be faced with.  I'm also sharing a truncated video clip of the interview below in case the video is taken down before you have a chance to view it.

You will also find a LINK HERE for an alternative solution to the Covid vaccination. Please know that you are divinely protected by legions of angels and masters working for the greater good of humanity and the earth. All you need do is call on their protection.

Also, attached is an "Invocation of Love and Light" that I use every morning upon awakening and every evening before going to sleep. Please remember that the Christ Code Mantra Acc Imu Ovy (sounds like awk e-moo o-vee) is a great way to keep your energetic field clear of the monkey mind and the chaotic emotions running rampant in the field.

All my love,


Invocation of Love and Light
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