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The Electromagnetic Body

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

The heart chakra resides over the heart and is the doorway to the electromagnetic body. It connects the lower aetheric body with the physical, emotional, and mental levels through the first, second, and third chakras.

The heart chakra also connects the upper aetheric body with the dream, innervision, and integration levels through the fifth, sixth, and seventh chakras. Thus, a mind that is attuned with the electromagnetic body has the greatest rapport with the heart.  

The ego affects the electromagnetic body by the way it approaches the heart. The truth or falsehood of the ego’s approach to the heart is reflected by the electromagnetic body through a mirroring action of the As Above, So Below Principle.

The “As Above, So Below Principle” is a Hermetic concept which states that: “What is Below is as what is Above, and what is Above is as what is Below in order to bring forth the Miracles of the One Thing.”1 In other words, what happens on any level happens on every other level.

Relationships of the Ego

Most egos approach Sophia’s creations through the value relationship of the rational mind being separate from everything. From this state of mind, the ego projects its accomplishments from a limited, one-sided perspective.

Whether the ego is inflated or insecure, its perspectives are based on false one-sided perceptions. The same holds true for modesty or humility which are also relationships of the ego. In other words, the act of doing or not doing, are all relationships of the ego. Consequently, the Initiate needs the ego to refine and balance itself to accurately see, in proportion, the degree of its accomplishments.

The more the ego is refined in its approach, the more refined the being’s approach will be to the electromagnetic field of the heart. To accomplish this takes steadfast honesty and truth with oneself.2

Your Approach to Sophia

Because the upper aetheric body is eternal, it is possible to see prototypical images or energetic shells from your other lifestreams by gazing into a mirror, or any reflective surface, by candle or by moonlight.

When you are in a heightened or superconscious state of awareness, the mirror’s reflective image can be used as a dimensional doorway to access the spirit world. The prototypical shells will appear as a pale aetheric greenish light superimposed over the self when you gaze into a mirror.  

Gazing is a form of concentration that shifts your perception by seeing through penetration, rather than staring, thus altering your perception of ordinary reality. As such, it is the ego that determines the approach to yourself and the mirror’s reflection which reveals the truth or falsehood of that approach. 

Most rational beings cannot see the prototypical shells that exist in the fourth dimension because they are fixated on their third-dimensional reality. Hence, it is the virtue of modesty that brings things down.

Admitting your shyness or modesty is the approach that brings the energy down into the physical for integration. Other than that, everything remains great in the above and is never actualized below. Making a direct approach to Sophia and Her creations increases your magnetic energy and the ability to attract your desired outcomes in life. 

An indirect approach occurs when you cannot or will not admit your modesty. In the indirect approach, the ego tries to get attention and ends up making a fool of itself.3

The Correcting and Guiding Principles

The power of the electromagnetic body lies within its ability to receive and give a reflection. The reflection or vajra is the Correcting Principle which exposes the ego's faulty concepts and erroneous ways of thinking, acting, and/or doing.

The vajra may come as a word, a look, or a shocking event acting as an electric blast to awaken the fantasy forces operating within the ego. It is the electromagnetic body that gives the necessary reflections to balance the ego that is out of touch with itself in order to refine its approach to the heart.

The electromagnetic body is of the fourth dimension and is magnetically attracted to the views of everything from the Mind of Sophia God. To escape the bondage from the ego experience, the Initiate must unite with the energy life-processes of the earth through knowing:4

• What is happening;

• Why it is happening;

• The Intelligence of all life forms that support its existence; and

• Its True Divine Nature. 

As the Initiate responds to the knowledge of its Divine Nature, s/he will be more aware of the Guiding Principle stemming from the Omnipresence of Sophia. As such, it is the electromagnetic body which brings opportunities to increase one’s achievements in life.

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Stay tune for the next post on As Above, So Below.

Excerpts were taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

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