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The Great Paradox Within Form

It is the form that traps the mind into believing that the positive and negative exists, for all relationships are merely different degrees of connection to the heart-womb of Sophia, their Creative Source.

The Elephant Walk1

The Spiritual Path of Illumination is symbolized by the Elephant. The elephant represents the Will-Initiate who knows the secret place of its true celestial family. The mystery of the elephant is that it knows when it is about to die and so takes up the spiritual journey to meet its impending death with courage and fortitude.  

On the Path of Illumination, the Will-Initiate meets the Great Paradox within form. The Great Paradox represents the association of male and female and is derived from the great illusion of the mind projecting the image of a person. It is here that the Initiate learns that all illusions stem from the great illusion and that the feminine and masculine are merely temporary complements of manifestation beyond form.2 

To understand this statement, one has to realize that She (Yin), or the Feminine Principle as Life, is the darkness that moves out into the world through the heart-womb of Sophia as the Breath of Life. He (Yang), or the Masculine Principle, is the Archetypal Light to which all must return through motion that moves back in. Darkness is the beginning and Light is the end as the Alpha and the Omega. The Alpha and the Omega bring about the birth of duality consciousness until the Initiate awakens to the Divine Self.

Waiting for Nourishment

When embarking on a long journey, the Will-Initiate must not leave his desires without nourishment. Thus, strength in the face of danger needs patience when waiting to be nourished with spiritual truths and understanding.

The real danger of the Elephant Walk lies in stopping on the way and falling from the path by not waiting for the true experience. “Waiting is asking for the experience of the Elephant Walk and being patient is not accepting anything less.”3

When the appointed time comes, the Will-Initiate will be ready to commence the journey without having wasted valuable energy in anticipation of the future.

Opposition to Forward Movement

When embarking on such a great journey, the Initiate must expect to meet opposition to its forward movement on the spiritual path. Understanding that opposition is always a prerequisite before any reunion, the Initiate must retain its true nature amongst all fellowships it encounters along the way. 

Knowing that the path is long, it is wise to rest and take up the journey in the night, for the journey takes place in the dream world at the same time.  

This is why dream cognizance is so important. The Initiate gains a true ally to guide them through the initiatory processes of the day and the night when s/he unites with the light of the soul as the neutral witness.  If the Initiate is truthful and honest with oneself, s/he will recognize the true guidance of the soul in the day or night. Thus, complete honesty with oneself gives the elephant a sure footing that is not tripped up by the worm of self-doubt. With a strong intention towards its goal, the Will-Initiate is sure to reap the fruits of its journey and through a true heart’s devotion, find the Light leading the way home.

“God’s essential nature is Spirit, not form.”4
God talks with Arjuna, ~ The Bhagavad Gita

The Path to Illumination

It is only when you dare to face things beyond illusion that the light of the soul will guide the way out of danger. The Will-Initiate needs the strength of an elephant to face the illusions of the rational mind with uncompromising truth with oneself. If your heart is pure and true, it will be aided by the forces of Nature on the Path to Illumination.

On the Path to Illumination, you give birth to thoughts that grow through experiences of either being connected or disconnected from the heart. In the Maya experience of duality consciousness, thoughts that are connected are considered positive (yang) energy, and thoughts that are disconnected are considered negative (yin) energy.  

It is the relationship between the masculine (yang) and the feminine (yin) that confuses the mind through its positive and negative associations. For Everything is created from the heart-womb of Divine Mother Sophia, the Source of All That Is.  Thus, it is the form that traps the mind into believing that the positive and negative exists, for all relationships are merely different degrees of connection to the heart-womb of Sophia, their Creative Source.

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Excerpts taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

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The Elephant Walk
The Elephant Walk ©2010


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