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The Soul’s Journey

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

In my first Raja Yoga meditation, I expressed my sincere love for Mother Sophia and asked to make Sacred Union. Over the next three days I received the following visions:

The Great Cosmos Womb

“To my amazement, I was given the vision of a gigantic body of stars within which laid a Great Cosmos Womb. It was a vast Cosmos Egg of Life surrounded by a web of energy in which all forms were connected. Any and all movement of energy within the web vibrated throughout the giant web of life.

"The black hole in the center was the eternal womb of life. It was an endless cycle of birth, death, and resurrection, asking only that we return enlightened from our journey; Her starry arms always ready to embrace us back into the Light.

“I saw that each being travels back to the center of the Great Cosmos Egg on its journey through eternal life, gathering enlightenment along the way. The energy within the web formed a sphere around the being [the Soul’s Diamond Medallion] which is the knowledge the being had accumulated on its journey home. Whatever light fibers were attached to it when its life ran out, were carried with it to the new life. However, the being must reawaken its accumulated light within the new life.

“When the being finally returned to the center of the web, it had completed its journey home. It was now fully encased in the light fibers of its knowledge and was ready to be seeded within the Great Cosmos Egg as new life. A new cycle of creation was now ready to begin.”

The Soul’s Silver Cord

“All the life forms within the web of life were connected through the soul’s silver cord (much like an umbilical cord) that kept them connected to the eternal womb of life. The energy that flowed through the soul’s cord was the spirit connection to the heart of life.

“All life forms were connected to the Great Cosmos Womb in this way. All the cords created a huge web around Her womb. These cords, extending from Her center, made up the energy of the web in the Great Cosmos Egg of Life.

“When we die, the soul’s cord is released from our physical body and all the light we have accumulated in life wraps around and coils into a sphere of light [the Diamond Medallion of the Soul].

“When we are born again, the soul’s cord unwraps from the sphere until we reach our place within the web of life to live out our next life form. As we awaken to the accumulated knowledge of our multidimensional selves, the web of light draws us back to the Source.”

When this vision was gifted to me, my perception of time and space was limited to past, present, and future. Even though I had recalled, seen, and remembered multiple lifestreams up until this point, I was unable to cohesively understand that all my lifestreams were occurring simultaneously. 

Consequently, I was only able to perceive this expansive vision from the limitations of my consciousness. Even though I understood the concept that outside of the third dimension, no time exists, I was not prepared to understand the deeper mysteries contained within the totality of this beautiful vision. 

Since then, I have seen that all my lifestreams are occurring simultaneously. In fact, memories and feelings from these lifestreams continually bled into my consciousness through dreams, deja vu experiences, mirror scrying, and memories sparked by reading or watching something about a particular time period.

As this occurred, I saw how many of my actions and decisions in this lifestream were affected by my experiences in these other now’s which were perceived as either past or future lives. You see, our limited third-dimensional consciousness is enclosed within a three-dimensional space-time continuum for us to experience spirit in physical form.

Until we are prepared to operate at a quantum level of perception and awareness, we perceive things as linear. It was designed this way so that we could have a continuity of experience by which to remember, grow, and synthesize our multidimensional soul experiences without overwhelming ourselves. 

In mathematics, the study of fractals has revealed that creation is infinitely contracting and expanding within an enclosed field of energy. This correlates to my parting vision from Mother Sophia. 

The Great Cosmos Web of Life

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The Soul's Journey

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