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Ascension Action Plan Private Sessions

Embody Your Christ Dragon Light Body

  • 45 min
  • By Donation
  • Location 1

Service Description

Your path to ascension consists of remembering your multiple lifestreams in which you have achieved some form of mastery through the lineage of that particular soul group. Your ‘sol-journ’ entails sitting as a council of twelve with your Divine Self and transforming your mystery into mastery through the creative expression of your Soul’s Keycode. Your Keycode unlocks the blueprint of your soul’s archetypal image or essence for the integration of your zodiacal prototypes. Once you receive your memories through recall or dreams, your twelve zodiacal prototypes unify as light rays into one composite identity as your Christ Dragon Light Body through the awakening of Sophia Christ Consciousness. Part of your ascension journey is to unify all the knowledge, wisdom, and mastery you have achieved in each lifetime into your Christ Dragon Light Body as a golden interface that integrates with your chakra soul centers. When you activate your Christ Dragon Light Body’s Seraphim DNA, you become a conscious co-creator with Sophia. You will then create, like Sophia, immaculate conception realities. To reach this level of creation, you must get past all the illusions, viral programming, and subliminal belief systems programmed into you at a very young, tender age. At the heart of this programming, you were led to believe that you are separate from the rest of creation. When you start looking from the inside out, awaken your soul memories, and achieve Self-Mastery, you will ascend into Sophia Christ Consciousness, beyond the reach of Mother Gaia’s holographic womb matrix.
 If you are ready to make an evolutionary jump in consciousness outside the reach of the coming earth changes and commit to initiating yourself with the Ascension Action Plan in preparation for your Ascension, Son'Yah is offering support for the Ascension Action Plan in "Christ Codes: Ascension Prophesies Revealed" in the following areas: * Greater Understanding of the Ascension Prophesies and Embodiment Activation Practices. * Guided Quantum Journeys using the Christ Codes for: - Gridwork Initiations. - Ascension Initiations. - Christ Dragon Light Body Initiations. - Spiritual Ascension Initiations. SUGGESTED DONATION: We ask that you work with your guidance through Divine Will by following your heart when giving back in kind for the value you feel you received for offerings and/or services.

Cancellation Policy

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