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Christ Codes: Ascension Mastery E-Books

Offering Support for Your Practices & Initiations with the Christ Codes Ascension Mastery E-Books

  • 45 min
  • By Donation
  • Online Session

Service Description

EMBODY YOUR CHRIST DRAGON LIGHT BODY through Sacred Heart Healing with Son'Yah and the Ascended Dragon Masters: ARE YOU BEING called to rise above the chaos and fear into your Ascension MASTERY but feel intimidated and/or challenged by: ​​- your purpose and/or soul mission? - the enormity of the task before you? - your lack of understanding about ascension and what it really means? - your inability to determine where you are on your ascension journey? - your unfamiliarity with the stages of ascension or how to get there? - the need for a roadmap or system to accelerate your progress? - the fear of being judged and/or criticized for your ascension goals? - the challenge of balancing your ascension goals with your outer life? ​ARE YOU FEELING resistance, fear, and overwhelm from: ​​- limiting beliefs and programs that keep you living in fear and resistance? - lack of faith and trust in your intuition, inner knowing and Divine guidance? - embodying the authenticity and vulnerability that your mastery requires? - your ability to impact the world as a wayshower for others? - standing in the power and truth of your divinity as a living master? - the necessity to become more active and visible in your chosen field of service? - your desire to leave a legacy of love? ​DO YOUR EVERYDAY responsibilities: ​​- have you playing small and disempowered in your life and/or soul mission? - trigger doubts, fears, and insecurities about your capabilities, value, and self-worth? - challenge your beliefs and dreams of leading a purposeful and powerful life while preparing for your ascension? - cause you difficulty in making clear, decisive decisions in alignment with your ascension goals? - stop you from taking guided action toward your Ascension Mastery. QUICKLY AND EASILY manifest your dreams for ascension when you have the perfect tools and system to: - Heal and release the source of your fear, resistance, pain and/or suffering. - Access your next-level of creative genius. - Activate and embody your Christ Dragon Light Body. - Mentor you in fully embodying your Divine Self for ascension-mastery. - Support for living your life's passion while bringing joy to others. SUGGESTED DONATION: We ask that you work with your guidance through Divine Will by following your heart when giving back in kind for the value you feel you received for offerings and/or services.

Cancellation Policy

Please notify us as soon as possible of the cancelation at

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1 530-962-5722

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