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Kate M.

"As someone who has done energy work for many years and is also a cancer patient, I can attest to what a gifted healer Son’Yah is. She truly works with the Divine Mother energy in assisting her clients with their healing process. Son’Yah’s work has lessened my cancer pain and helped me to sleep better--it's such a relief!  And as a side effect that I was surprised to discover, my financial abundance has increased quite a bit, too! "


S. Klingenmaier

". . . The mandalas are incredile, subconscious activators of healing, magic, and power. The ones we chose to work with had an incredible feeling which activated and expanded my third eye and clairvoyance not only of myself but the Horus, in a field of unconditional love. . . . When I just surrendered and allowed the images, tones, and guidance to flow through me, it felt very gentle and soothing.  I received an incredible blessing that I experienced as an immense benefit that blessed me beyond my understanding. . . ."

clears a path to the doors that need to be opened

Matthew G.

"My experience of the Christ Codes is that it clears a path to the doors that need to be opened. This feeling stayed with me during my healing and afterwards opened up other doors – not for healing, but for embracing. During my session, I perceived a sapphire blue star in the middle of the Plasma Code Mandala that I was meditating on. This star drew me in and I intermittently experienced feelings of my own power.  At this point, I was deep into the healing of abandonment issues and so my focus drifted. However, today I realized that the star was a portal that, with my acquiescence, my more expanded self has easy access to this waking consciousness. I feel totally different than I did even earlier today."

powerful beyond my understanding

Janice LaFountaine, LMFT

"I had a very special session with Son’Yah. She is a guide that carries both power and tenderness. I felt completely supported by her generous sharing of wisdom. The Christ Codes are powerful beyond my understanding. I am still integrating the experience. The following morning, I awakened from a dream where I was repeating the mantra I was given to practice, over and over. Again this morning, I awoke with the mantra on my tongue, yet at this moment I cannot recall the words. I know it is working on me in my dream-time.... While I don’t have conscious awareness of all they bring, I have a knowing that they are blessing me in multidimensional ways."

renewed sense of purpose, vigor and vitality

Ashley P.

"My session last night was so powerful on such a subtle level.  I wanted clarity on how I am meant to use my gifts and talents towards my purpose. Through the air mandala, I saw past life experiences that brought up this information and the moments through time that were blocking me on very subtle levels. Without having to feel or dig into the trauma of it, I just moved through the energy. By the end, it was so clear what I’m doing that it was like I stepped into an entirely new version of myself - one who is simply living in alignment. It was so powerful and so subtle.


"My Hearing has been activated and integrated with my Seeing. I’m seeing shifts in energy, colors and feeling new frequencies. I feel protected, grounded and clear. I’ve always had a strong intuitive sense, but this clarity is on another level - embodied in a new way.


"Two weeks later, I’m still feeling the effects of our session. I feel a renewed sense of purpose, vigor and vitality.  I have manifested multiple sources of income and Divine song is flowing through me in a way I have wanted for a majority of my life.  I’m finding such grace and ease in moving through resistances, fears and past traumas coming up to be released. Even in my dreams, I am integrating my shadow in new ways and finding myself to be the master I was seeking…”

Simple Process to Accelerate Higher Consciousness

Alice Green

"I've spent years working on raising my consciousness while trying to identify and release unconscious beliefs, emotions, stuck energy and patterns that are holding me back from my truth, wellbeing and a glorious ascension. The Christ Code Mantra is a gift that speeds up this process and helps identify and transmute the energies that are not serving me... I'm impressed by what this mantra and program offers!"

crystal clear strategies

Paulus B.

". . . I’ve been learning how to trade stocks . . . It's something I enjoy doing. . . When I started doing the Christ Codes I began to get very clear, crystal clear, on strategies and how and when to employ them. I've made an incredible amount of money in that period of time because I am intuiting when to enter a trade and when to exit it better than I ever could before. It's very significant."

WORLDS OPENING UP in me, breath by breath...

Debra C.

"Everything you said today resonated within me with such alignment with my own life~experience and feeling~thought form that it was as though I was talking to myself listening to you!  I seem to be on the cusp of everything you are bringing into the conscious-light of my mind~heart~body.  I could take hours to go through each of the things you said and explore the worlds that were opening up in me, breath by breath..."

it cleared everything out

Jessica Carpenter

"Holy Moly! It is like “bam!” Christ energy in your aura. Then with my third eye I saw a hand on my shoulder, and this gold ring of energy came out like it was clearing my energy and with a deep voice I heard the words “no more.” I feel like whoever’s hand was on my shoulder was much bigger than I. It cleared everything out."