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The Creative & The Receptive

The Creative | The Masculine Principle

The Masculine Principle is Light. The power of the Masculine Principle lies in its being Creative (The Creative). It is strong and firm; its essence is spiritual power or energy that begins as motion. The Creative works through change and transformation which brings about the birth of energy through the understanding of its true nature and its polar opposite. 

The Creative is represented in the I Ching or Book of Changes, as all closed lines, meaning that it is integrated on all levels by its consistency of character, thus giving it duration. The lines of The Creative are closed to concentrate itself within and represents one-pointed concentration that is integrated on all levels of consciousness. Its creative action is made known through the awakening of its Divine Nature within the Masculine Principle.

By limiting the area of creative expression to the Will and Plan of Sophia Source, The Creative has boundless energy and support for its creations. Thus, The Creative makes actual what is potential and achieves happiness through right conduct in chosen fields of innovation.1

The Receptive | The Feminine Principle

The Feminine Principle is Life. The power of the Feminine Principle lies in its being receptive (The Receptive) to the creativity of the Masculine Principle. The Receptive represents the womb or cosmic vessel for The Creative's spiritual potential. 

In other words, The Creative conceives the thought-form of the creation. It germinates the thought-form in the darkness of the feminine womb vessel which then gives birth (or form) to the creation. The inspiration of the Feminine Principle lies in its being receptive. 

The Receptive is yielding and devoted meaning it is open to following guidance. The foundation of the Feminine Principle lies in its devotion, for it knows its true purpose and demonstrates its understanding of The Creative by expressing its knowledge of the rainbow. 

Thus, The Receptive completes The Creative by following inner guidance. If the Feminine Principle tries to lead, it will lose touch with its true nature and become an agent for the dark shadow forces. 

The Receptive is represented in the I Ching as all open lines. The six open lines of The Receptive are integrated on all levels through its devotion. The Receptive is the devoted partner whose actions conform with The Creative's leadership. The Receptive's distinction of character lies in its being supportive, flexible, and pure in its ability to give birth to form.

The Receptive has no need for outer recognition for its openness draws to it all that it needs. Its strength lies in being teachable and so it uses The Creative when it wants to concentrate its energy within.

The Creative's strength lies in its concentration of energy; therefore, it uses The Receptive when it wants to expand. The flow of creation moves harmoniously within the Will of Sophia and shields The Creative from the physical ego's desire for power and recognition.2

In the Christ Light Initiations, The Creative and The Receptive illuminate the way to a harmonious relationship with Sophia by demonstrating the approach to being open and the approach to being closed. This conjoined movement is the foundation of the Tao or Dharma.

The Third Musical Tone

In the Christ Light Initiations, the Initiate discovers that when centered in Sophia, the Masculine and Feminine polarities neutralize and move into a cohesive wholeness. The Creative and The Receptive merge into the One Spirit through the movement of a third musical tone. This is known as The Way and is the foundation of the Dharma of the Christ Codes.

Once the Masculine and Feminine natures are merged into the One, the Initiate becomes an androgynous being and earns the wedding garment as a bride of the Christ. “The wedding garment is a seamless garment and is the true garment or spiritual body worn by the Soul.”3

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Stay tuned for the next post on, Spiritual Tides of Consciousness.

Excerpt taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

Krishna and Radha
The Creative and The Receptive

1 Adaptation from the work of Thompson, The Forbidden Book of Knowledge, p. 4.
2 Adaptation from the work of Thompson: Ibid., p. 4.
3 Colton, Watch Your Dreams.
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