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The Astral Body

The emotional body is the astral body, an egg-shaped container of astral fire. It is balanced through the Nadi meridian points activating portions of the soul through the chakra consciousness centers located over the spinal canal. The Nadi meridian points act as absorption points for the sound and vibratory currents flowing in from the planets. The astral core fire of the emotional body can be protected by the speaking of mantras, mantrams, meditation, prayer, and selfless service.1

Personality, Individuality & The Psyche

The lower emotions of the personality are experienced through the Moon or Lunar Initiations and are related to the Initiate’s present life karma as cause and effect. Primal or Lunar Initiations occur at dusk or at moonrise with the receding of the sun's rays from the earth. At that time, the will of the personality is lessened, and the individuality of the ego predominates through the mental body and the soul’s influence. Primal or Lunar Initiations are connected to the psychic matter nature of the first matrix which extends from the feet to the pelvic center. The psychic matter nature functions through tension in the undersoul where you are initiated through moral issues related to genetics, procreation, and sexual impulses. The Maya liquid of the dense astral emotional body keeps the psychic matter nature alive. There are four aspects to the psyche or soul nature that express through the psychic matter nature. They are:2

  • Psychical Energy—the cosmic life substance supporting all life;

  • Psychical Force—the intelligible collective unconscious drives stimulating consciousness;

  • Psychical Power—demonstrable natural phenomena; and

  • Psychical Perception—an instrument of consciousness as an extension of the senses.

The majority of humanity has unknowingly used their emotions and mind to channel psychic energy, psychic force, and psychic power.3 Through the law of karma, psychic energy as a knowing instrument vitalizes the mental faculties for the development of consciousness. Thus, it is the Psychic-Intelligible that keeps alive and out pictures all offenses and lessons to be learned requiring equalization and rectification.

Discerning the Real Beyond Illusion

“Discrimination, wisdom, lack of delusion, forgiveness, truth, control of the senses, peace of mind, joy, sorrow, birth, death, fear, courage, harmlessness, equanimity, serenity, self-discipline, charity, fame, and infamy--these diverse states of being spring from Me alone as modifications of My nature.”4 GOD TALKS WITH ARJUNA, THE BHAGAVAD GITA

In the third dimension of space and time, it is important to develop your consciousness in order to discern the real beyond illusion, deception, and lies for all is not as it seems. Thus, it is important to be able to see beyond the surface level of reality and perceive through penetration the true meaning of the person or situation that is confronting or approaching you in life.

  • The first key in remembering how to discern energy is to know thyself.

This comes through honest self-examination of your gifts, habits, personality, character traits, likes, dislikes, etc., and the repercussions they are producing in your life, whether positive or negative. Until you know yourself, it is exceedingly difficult to stay centered in the heart without a foundation that engages the spirit to sustain yourself during initiatory cycles of growth and remembering.

  • The second key is the discernment of energy.

Discernment is made by uniting with your heart and your heart’s inner knowing. Being kind, compassionate, understanding, and patient in your interactions with your‐ self and others keeps you aligned with your heart. When you are merely concerned with the mechanics of a person’s actions, focusing on the form, rather than their true intentions, you are most likely acting through one of the negative lenses of judgment, criticism, projection, mechanical and/or habitual responses rather than unconditional love. If you find yourself entertaining these types of low-frequency thoughts, your heart has been compromised by the intellect. Sincere heart feelings are not critical, romanticized, or fantasized, but deep sincere feelings that come from the center of your BEing from selfless motivations. All other feelings are merely mental-emotional projections. These produce reactions motivated by trauma clots such as fear, anger, hatred, insecurities, unfulfilled expectations, assumptions, presumptions, etc., created in other nows. The third key to discerning energy is to witness the moment without interfering with it. When one exerts their will to influence or change the moment which is now the past, the perspective of the witness is lost. Instead, one becomes a director or manipulator of energy, usually with an emotional attachment to an outcome. This approach runs the risk of producing a disharmonious situation where a power struggle could easily ensue.

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Stay tuned for the next post on The Mental Body.

Excerpts taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

The Astral Body


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