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The True Emotions

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

As a co-creator with Sophia Source, the blueprint or archetype of the human spirit is imprinted to create. You were given the power to name and thereby to create through the power of the Word-made-flesh. Thus, the purpose of the mind is to be creative. 

To be creative, the mind must have an empty canvas in which to create. When the mind fulfills its role as an open and clear channel for Sophia to speak through, it will fulfill its purpose through its unique soul-expression. 

Your true heart emotions are the present. When you honor and respect your emotions, the emotional body is strengthened. However, most minds are controlled by the ego or rational mind which thinks it is in charge of the other bodies. 

The Four Kingdoms

Each of the four bodies, the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual or aetheric, are separate kingdoms that must be perceived independently of one another and yet as one. Each of the four bodies is fully capable of taking care of itself. 

However, when the emotions have not been honored through rejection, denial, or judgment by the ego-mind, the rational mind will attempt to control the emotional body by creating separation through the great illusion of the person. 

When the rational mind projects its desires into the future, it focuses its attention on its survival and loses the connection to its Divine Nature and the true emotions. Consequently, an undeveloped mind creates havoc, separation, and war through a lack of receptivity to the love flowing from Sophia.

The Mental-Emotions

When the mind is concerned only with its survival, it will speak through “superficial feelings” induced by mental-emotions which must necessarily be reflected to the mind that is out of touch with itself.

In an undeveloped mind, the process begins with the mind envisioning through the imagination which becomes a thought-form. The sacred womb waters nurture or reject the thought-form sprouting from the mental body through the emotional body.

If the thought-form is rejected by the emotional body, the physical body will reflect this through mental-emotions expressed as unclear communication through “confused feelings.” When the mind projects itself into the future, it tears down the emotional body. Disharmony is created in the present which is reflected in the past through the physical body as disharmony leading to dis-ease.

This occurs when the intellectual mind of the lower ego does not respect the e-motions as energy in motion. As a result, the little ego cannot leave the present alone and interferes with the outcome by attempting to direct and/or control the energy.  

When the rational mind interferes with the present emotions, it ends up tampering with the past, which is the physical, trying to change what was. Thus, the mental-emotions are reflected in the physical body as the past through the neurological biofeedback of pain. In this way, the rational mind discovers that giving attention to confusion is asking for more suffering until the mind learns that it does not have to suffer for its happiness any longer.

The Everlasting Present

The emotional body builds in strength by being present with its pure heart emotions. When the rational mind is no longer concerned with its survival, the true emotions will reveal themselves. The body will then speak for the mind that is connected to the present.

In a developed mind, the process begins with the mind receiving creative innovations flowing from the Mind of Sophia God. The sacred womb waters nurture the seed-thoughts sprouting from the mental body through the emotional body. If the seed-thoughts are accepted by the mental body, the physical body will communicate clearly for the emotional body. Acceptance of your true emotions is receptivity. Thus, a receptive mind can be guided and is the best guide for another mind. 

When the mind stops giving attention to confusion, everything has perfect timing to happen through the grace of Divine Will. When the heart and mind are balanced, the creative mind will leave the past and present alone. It is then free to direct its attention to being a clear channel for the creative innovations flowing from the Mind of Sophia God waiting to be expressed through the everlasting present.


Stay tuned for the next post on the Great Battle of the Rationale Mind.

Excerpts were taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

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The Purpose of the Mind

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