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Emissary of the Cosmos Christ|Spiritual Scientist|Prophet 

Dragon Sculpture

Son’Yah is an Emissary of the Cosmos Christ and the Co-Creator of the Christ Codes. Dedicated to healing the sacred heart of the Divine Feminine, the Christ Codes are a Living Light transmission from Divine Mother Sophia to clear and activate your Christ Body Template for your Ascension and the Recovery of Your Soul Mission as a Spiritual Architect of the New Earth.  

As a Prophet, Son'Yah guides the Spiritual Initiate through the Ascension Stages in preparation for Mother Gaia's physical ascension with the tribes of the earth in 2029. In the last twenty years, she has received many prophetic visions about the Earth’s ascension, which she has recorded in her new book, Christ Codes: Ascension Prophesies Revealed, along with twenty-two accelerated guided quantum embodiment Practices, Ascension Activations, and Initiations.




From a lifetime of pain, suffering, and chronic life-threatening illnesses, Son’Yah continually sought answers, which led her down many paths. These included studies as a Spiritual Scientist in numerous Spiritual and Native Traditions, Spiritual Dream Psychology, and Energy Medicine.

Over the last twenty-four years, she has worked with the Ascended Masters of various Lineages, the Tribal Brotherhood, and the Solar and Galactic Archangels as a Spiritual Mediator for the New Earth.


Son'Yah is an ordained High Priestess of Sophia Christ. She was prepared through lifetimes of initiation and forty-four years of cumulative experience and training to bring you this level of Ascension Mastery. She has written extensively on the subject over the last seven years in the Christ Codes Ascension Mastery E-Book Collection:


  • Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery (Guidebook)

  • Christ Codes: 3.6.9. Ascension Mastery (Workbook)

  • Christ Codes: The Glossary (companion to the Guidebook and Workbook)

  • Christ Codes: Ascension Prophesies Revealed

  • Christ Codes: ABCs of the Dragon Light Language

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