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SON'YAH is a Sacred Heart Emissary for the Cosmos Christ and the Co-Creator of the Christ Codes, a (R)evolutionary healing system designed to clear and activate your Christ Body Template for Ascension Mastery.  She is also the Founder of a modern Mystery School dedicated to healing the Sacred Heart of the Divine Feminine. 

As part of the Mystery School of Mastery, Son’Yah privately mentors the Spiritual Warrior to fully embody Sophia Christ Consciousness for Ascension Mastery. This (R)evolutionary system is guided by Son'Yah and the Ascended Dragon Masters to take you into the depths of your soul memory for integration and unification of your multidimensional Being. The Curriculum consists of three levels of guided exploration designed to take you into the heart of your soul's journey, for empowered heartfelt living, and full embodiment of your Divine Self through Sacred Heart Healing. 


Spiritual Lineage

Son'Yah is an ordained High Priestess of Sophia Christ. The ordination was earned after lifetimes of preparation, including 40-years of intense spiritual and physical initiations which includes 18-years in a Shamanic Mystery School dedicated to the Divine Feminine, 18-years of Archetypal initiations overlighted by the Solar Archangels and Ascended Masters of the East and West, and several years of mentorship with the Galactic Archangels and Ascended Dragon Masters. 


Over the last 15 years, Son'Yah has received many prophetic visions about the cataclysmic earth changes that are now upon us. In her role as a Prophet, she is here to support humanity to ascend into Sophia Christ Consciousness for this once in a soul-time event in preparation for Mother Gaia's physical ascension.


Her lifetime of experience includes scientific exploration of the Soul's Language of Light, Light Language Healing, Shamanic Healing, Cosmic Dream Weaving, Kriya Yoga, Surya Yoga, Reiki and Chinese Waitankung. In her role as a Starseed Ascension Guide, she facilitates healing as a Quantum Alchemist, Dream Weaver and Spiritual Mentor. 


Son'Yah is also the Author of Journey Through the Sol, a Rite of Passage to Spiritual Awakening, which explores her soul's mythological journey through dreams, visions and solar initiations into Sophia Christ Consciousness.