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About the Christ Codes

Diamond Light Language


The Christ Codes are a unique form of communication using Christ Diamond Light in the form of Light Language, DNA Codes and Sacred Geometry to recalibrate your energy field and to activate your divine genetic Christ Body Template.

The Christ Diamond Light works on a spiritual bandwidth that bypasses the limitations of the intellectual and rational mind to empower and free you from old patterns of behavior, habitual responses, and belief systems. 

Freeing the mind from programs and beliefs based on pain, suffering, separation, and lack, frees up more available energy to fully embody your life, spirit, and soul; opens the flow of abundance in your life; and recodes your cellular DNA for quantum healing.

The Christ Codes were divinely received by Son'Yah after lifetimes of preparation. However, in this lifetime, the work began after 18 years of dedication in a Shamanic Mystery School dedicated to the Divine Feminine.

She subsequently entered the path of the Divine Masculine under the tutelage of the Ascended Masters of the White Guru line and experienced sacred union with Divine Mother in her first Raja Yoga meditation. In the meditation, she was gifted with a vision of the Great Cosmic Womb at the center of the web of life. The Soul’s journey from birth back to Source was revealed to her over the next three days.

The next level of the Christ Codes transmission began in 2000 when Son'Yah began communing with the Solar Archangels and Ascended Masters of the White Brotherhood. However, it wasn't until 2008, when she began practicing Surya Yoga and moved to Mt. Shasta, California that the real work began. 


Son'Yah was guided to start weaving Christ diamond light grids with two other Lightworkers in the quantum field. As their field of perception increased, they became aware that their Soul Group was also supporting them in this mission. Over the course of the next year, the group weaved a new archetypal blueprint of Christ diamond light grids for the Earth and throughout the Cosmos.

During one of their early sessions, Son'Yah was transported inside of the Metatron Cube where she saw the "Mind of Source" sending out a new archetypal blueprint for speaking in a more advanced language. The transmission appeared as light moving like fire to burn away the old.


From 2010 through 2015, Son'Yah's inner work ceased for the healing of a 40-year illness which, in part, was preparation for the next level of the Christ Codes transmission. After receiving medical healing in 2015, the Galactic Archangels began supporting Son'Yah in the return to her quantum work.

During a meditation in January of 2017, Son'Yah entered a room filled with gold books. Jesus was present with one of the books opened before her. Shortly thereafter, she started receiving the energetic blueprint for the diamond Christ Codes. They were seeded within a blue rainbow light-ray transmission into the sacred atom of her heart and into the cells of her body as blue luminescent diamonds of light.


While receiving this sacred transmission, Son'Yah saw that the Christ Codes would be disseminated through her teaching and writing and those in her presence would be activated at the level they were ready to receive the Christ transmission.



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