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At the and, I am modeling a New Earth Paradigm where offerings can be found for free under the following tabs:

  • Ascension Training (excluding e-Books)

  • Members 

  • Resources

  • Services (Free Consultations)


All other Services are offered by *Suggested Donations EXCEPT for Subscriptions under "SERVICES/Plans & Pricing." 

Your donations support the ongoing creation of books, videos, podcasts, virtual meetings, and tools to educate, inform, and inspire your participation as a Spiritual Architect of the New Earth.


I ask that you work with your guidance through Divine Will by following your heart when giving back in kind for the value you feel you received for offerings and/or services, or when donating your resources, time, or skills to support this Ministry.


Due to hosting restraints, offerings reflect purchase prices rather than suggested donations. If you are unable to make the suggested donation, we have made offerings available, when possible, through Coupon Codes 25off, 50off, 75off, and 100off to reflect your ability to donate, the value you received, or the amount you are guided to donate for the offering or service.


If you would like to show your appreciation by donating more than the suggested amount, or want to donate for services received, go to the top menu tab "SUPPORT US/Donate" at, or the "DONATE" tab on the top menu bar at, or by clicking here.

Please see Website Orientation under the Members area for descriptions of what is available on the websites and where they can be located.

In Love and Light,


*Although we greatly appreciate your Donations, they are NOT tax-deductible at this time.

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