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Quantum Jumping

Do you know that you are continually quantum jumping into different dimensions and timelines? This is why speaking the Christ Code Mantra periodically throughout the day, before going to sleep, or waking up and falling back to sleep, is so important.

Have you ever had the experience of starting to drift off into a dream, yet you were fully conscious of yourself dreaming the dream? That was you dreaming in two different dimensions at the same time. Whether you are aware of it or not, this happens quite often. In fact, each of the twelve (12) base chakras are Stargates into other dimensional dream realities.

Thus, you are continually being Initiated through cosmic, solar, planetary, and lunar cycles of energy to gain a deeper understanding of yourself. All of life is a dream. When your consciousness is fluid, your reality will reflect this. In fact, everything in the universe is fluid until we name it.

Naming something sets the energetic blueprint for your spoken words to manifest into physical form. When your consciousness is fluid, you can flow from one form into another, at will. Changing your perception is the key to changing your reality. To do this, clearing your trauma clots is a fundamental key.

Although form is mostly composed of space, our collective perception of matter is that it is solid. As the creator of your reality, if you believe your world is composed of solid matter, then so it is.

Science is unable to determine the exact size of the universe, however, it can estimate the amount of matter it contains. “Assuming the universe is a cube that is 30 billion light-years on each side, it’s estimated that all matter in the universe would fit into about one billion cubic light-years or a cube that's approximately 1,000 light-years on each side.”1 According to Swiss Physicist, Nassim Haramein, on a smaller scale, this would equate to taking the mass of the earth and fitting it into a cube of sugar.

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