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Dreams and Visions

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

My first memories as a child were of dreams and visions. Because of this, they have always held a special fascination for me and an eagerness to understand and explore them. I became fascinated with this new dimension of seeing and discovered an inner world of form within the light that played upon each shadow. 

As my attention was drawn into this inner world of form, new vistas of awareness and perception opened for me within creation, life, and nature. My eyes began to see the energy behind the forms, and I soon became aware of inner dimensional forms. After many years of exploration, this sensitivity and awareness began to animate and take the form of spiritual visions. 

In attempting to understand my experiences, I have come to realize that in the light of day, light plays upon light, producing the waking vision. 

At night, this action is reversed. Light plays upon darkness, producing night vision. Therefore, you will rarely ever see shadows in the dream world. In tracing and marking how the dream world comes into focus, I saw that when I shut my eyes a dark blank screen appeared before me. Superimposed over it were golden luminescent grids of spinning light. 

As my eyes penetrated the depths of this luminescent screen, the golden light began to produce images and forms that immediately began to animate, eventually producing a dream vision, in living color.  

When emotions become involved in dreaming, we cease dreaming in monochrome and begin dreaming in color. As the emotional body develops, the more pure and vivid in color the dreams will become. Furthermore, in the sacred levels of dreaming, the colors will begin to take on a translucent, light-filled quality of indescribable beauty.  

I have come to realize that dreams and visions are a living canvas from which Sophia speaks to us through coded messages. The messages are conveyed through a parabolic chain between the dream world and our waking state. 

The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. . ..”1
~ Matthew 6:22-23

Waking Visions

The same phenomena that occur in dreams also occur in waking visions. However, in waking visions, one’s canvas is of light. The light that plays upon it produces the waking vision. This is similar to how we see our ordinary reality of forms and objects. However, the waking vision is an inner-world experience superimposed over the outer-world reality of Maya. This occurs through an inner dimensional doorway.  

A waking vision is comparable to the sacred levels of dreaming where the colors become translucent living colors. However, in waking visions, the inner worlds are filled with light energy, producing inner dimensional light forms. 

To see the inner world of waking visions requires you to penetrate the outer forms seen by the eye and allow the inner worlds to reveal themselves. Just like in a dream, you are merely the witness that watches what is brought to light from the inner worlds.

The veiled beauty and little-known secrets of the spiritual world anxiously await discovery. When you move beyond the distractions of the outer world view, the inner worlds will reveal themselves. The Initiate will then experience the inner awareness and perceptions of the spiritual dream worlds as spoken of by the Ascended Masters. 

It is only when the eye is single that you may see the light forms within the spiritual dream worlds and understand their symbolic meaning through inner knowing or seeing within the light.

Third-Dimensional Dreams

The fifth chakra is a doorway to the 5th astral plane of dreaming. In fact, ascending into the fifth dimension means having the ability to move into a faster dream reality.

Fifth chakra dreams are much faster than your everyday reality because they manifest instantaneously. This is why the clearing and healing of the throat chakra are so important to your Ascension Mastery. 

Before we venture into the fifth-dimensional (5-D) dream world, let us look at your third-dimensional (3-D) dream reality first. For it too is a dream, although a much slower one. In fact, everyday reality in 3-D land has become a living hell that humanity desperately needs to awaken from. Whatever the current-day mania or trauma happens to be, it is your choice whether you get sucked into that reality or not.

The key to understanding this can be understood through the Principle of Special Relativity. In Special Relativity, the space-time continuum follows and supports wherever you place your focus of attention and energy. 

Now, let us look at where the trauma might have begun that robs your focus of attention and impedes your conscious awakening. This list could go long and deep, so let us focus on the throat and the kind of trauma that can keep you stuck in the nightmare instead of acting as a conscious co-creator.  

In my own story, I retreated from an abusive environment to an invisible world of protection where I played with my imaginary friends. As my 5-D playmates were stripped away without forethought for my feelings, I withdrew even deeper into my own world.

Self-expression was blocked at every turn of my emotional development leaving me no choice but to shut down my voice, my breath, and my life force to protect myself. Entering school, the workforce, and adulthood only exacerbated these conditions.

Searching to find my true self, I became involved with several spiritual groups along the way. Karmic relationships surfaced revealing the masks, programs, and suffering endured from many false creations and belief systems from this and other lifestreams.

As I dove deeper into my sol-journ, many memories of being persecuted and cursed for my beliefs, vows, and oaths came to my awareness. All of this led to the realization that I had severe throat blockages that I needed to address and clear. While working with the Air Codes, ask yourself what part of your self-expression you had to shut down to protect yourself.

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1 Matt 6:22-23, The Bible, KJV.
3 See Website:

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