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Dreams and the Soul

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

The Function of Dreams:

Dreams are a sacred function of the soul that instruct through the Soul’s Language of Light through symbols. Thus, the power of dreaming comes from the soul.1
Ann Ree Colton

The art of seeing and understanding the symbolic meaning of your dreams comes from multiple lifetimes of applied, dedicated spiritual instruction.2 The soul guides and prepares the dreamer for a more glorious relationship with Sophia, revealing the archetypal blueprint working through Her Will and Plan. 

Spiritual instruction emphasizes the significance of dreams and the importance of the soul’s action within the dream world. This instruction guides the Initiate on the way to penetrate the seven dream veils and interpret the aetheric codes held within the symbols in the Soul’s Language of Light.

Dreams are of vital importance to the spiritual evolution of the Initiate in order to understand your physical, emotional, and mental impulses, as well as the hidden causes of your attitudes and actions, including:3

• Fully discerning the dream experiences through the Soul’s Language of Light;

• Understanding the initiatory phases within your dreams; and

• Comprehending the aetheric codes over directed by the Oversoul.

The Soul’s Language of Light

“In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; Then He openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction.”
Job 33:15, 16

The dream body shows the dreamer what is out of balance and where the illusions lie through the symbolic language of the soul that speaks through color, symbols and allegories in a parabolic chain.

The soul is an individualized portion of Sophia. As the witness, it reveals the Will of Sophia. The soul works through pure feelings, with the Divine Self, to bring messages through symbolic codes. Symbolic codes reveal the illusions of the lower astral world and the reality of the higher astral world as truth and love.

When one has balanced the polarities through the electromagnetic field of the heart, the Initiate is able to receive the present as truth. Its essence is experienced through feelings of unconditional love. In other words, the blending of the masculine and feminine polarities is accomplished through the electromagnetic energy of the heart.

With the purification of the mind and emotions through the solar light, the Initiate begins to experience and express pure feelings from the soul. These pure feelings create manifestations that are in alignment with the Will and Plan of Sophia.

The Seven Dream Veils

Through the influence of the planets, the Initiate receives instruction, discipline, and guidance from the spiritualized mind through the aetheric body as initiatory processes in the night.

The aetheric body has an upper and lower aspect. The two aspects are linked together through an aetheric cord of electromagnetic energy called the Soul’s Silver Cord. During the daytime action, the soul-cord is connected to the crown of the head, the heart, the throat, the liver, and the spleen.

In sleep, the soul-cord is partially loosened from its aetheric moorings. However, the five moorings remain attached to the physical and lower aetheric bodies. This enables the upper aetheric body to travel through the seven dream veils.4

The seven dreams veils are reached through the seven astral planes connected to the relativity chakras or soul-gates over the spinal column. At each of the chakra doors, the Initiate must earn the right to enter the upper dream worlds.

The lower astral world consists of the first through third astral planes. In the lower astral planes, one is initiated through the lower etheric body by the grotesque astral jungle, the undeveloped emotions, and the undisciplined emotions. Here, the Initiate learns to face the senses with emotional maturity. The initiatory stages work through gross matter by way of the physical body, procreation, and sentient desiring working through the Ancestral record.

The higher astral world consists of the fourth through seventh astral planes. In the higher astral planes, you are initiated through the higher aetheric body where you learn about love and the soul.5 The initiatory stages work through the opening of the akashic records, self-evaluation, prophecy, and spiritual instruction.6

After dreams and sleep, the magnetic pull of gravity draws the soul-cord back to the lower aetheric body and the physical body. To promote an expanded dream veil experience, the sleep environment should be as peaceful as possible. Any noises or sounds, disorderliness, odors, or poor ventilation engages the senses and intrudes upon the sleeping and dream state of the dreamer. 

Certain technical recordings that are played while falling asleep, or while sleeping, will hinder the soul’s ability to travel through the upper dream veils, interfering with the soul’s freedom of action. Also, listening to suggestive recordings, during sleep, builds an involuntary dependence on the will of another.7

Banked Recordings

In sleep, the thought processes are partially stilled, and the physical brain radiations are slowed down. Thoughts within the dream veils register through the mental triad atoms in the spiritual mind through the aetheric sheaths in the brain.  

All night thoughts and dreams are telepathically imprinted and recorded upon aetheric orbs in the brain as banked recordings. These banked recordings may be likened to the grooves on a DVD disc.

Some outer stimulus, action, or interest sets up a chain reaction to align the aetheric orbs with the mental triad atoms in the brain’s upper centers. The alignment of the aetheric orbs with the triad mental atoms activates the stored memories upon arising. Sometimes dreams in the upper dream veils are not recalled until later in the day, or days, weeks, months, or even years later.8

When the aetheric orbs are inactive, the Initiate will not be able to recall their dreams within the upper dream veils until alignment is made between the aetheric orbs and the triad mental atoms. This assures that the upper dream veils can only be penetrated by one who has a pure heart. 

The Triad Mental Atoms

There are three aetheric banked recording orbs in the brain that work with the triad mental atoms.9 

  1. The first atom is housed in the 12th chakra, an arms length over the head. It is the home of the Archetypal Atom which holds the image of Sophia God in you.  

  2. The second atom is housed in the 10th chakra in the middle of the forehead. It is the home of the Eternal Atom and works for the illumination of consciousness.  

  3. The third atom is housed in the 9th chakra at the base of the skull. It is the home of the Mouth of God Center and reveals the areas in the Initiate’s life where they are out of alignment with the Will of Sophia.

The Aetheric Orbs

  1. When the aetheric orb is active over the head in the 12th chakra, the recordings contain memories where the Initiate is active and participating within the dream.10 

  2. When the aetheric orb is active in the center of the forehead at the 10th chakra, the recordings contain dreams that are imaginative and chimera-like, causing magnification of the emotions and exaggeration of the desires.  

  3. When the aetheric orb is active in the back of the skull at the 9th chakra, the banked records will contain grotesque and fantasy memories that draw on the world's subconscious, sometimes bringing memories from prehistoric times.

When the three aetheric orbs and the triad mental atoms are in alignment, the Initiate will experience perfect dream recall and understanding of the spiritual action in the upper dream veils. 

However, the upper dream veil experience is not always experienced as a dream. Sometimes it comes as intuition, guidance, vision, inspiration, revelations, impressions, or apprehension.

For more information on interpreting your dreams, take advantage of our free dream dictionary at our sister website,

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Excerpts taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.


Dreams and the Soul

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