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As Above, So Below Dream Realities

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Your story begins with you having a dream of yourself within the universe. To realize yourself within the universe within the dream, there must be a realization of an “As Above, So Below” relationship within the dream. This is what gives you a universal scale of perception.  

Using the computer as a technical model, you can see the universal scale as an inner dimension of moving pictures, like a giant computer screen. Each galaxy is a network with the viewpoint streaming from a particular star system within the Milky Way Galaxy into your present dream reality. 

Each dream is an exploration of the universe that lies within you. When the dream becomes an adventure, the technical or third dimensional aspect of the dream is transformed through your creativity.1

In the fifth-dimensional dream world, the dreamer experiences the results of its thoughts instantaneously, unlike in the third-dimensional dream reality, which manifests over time. 

Dreams are mental and emotional cleansers that speak through color, sound, symbols, codes, myth, and allegories in a parabolic chain that mirror the inner and outer life. Every symbol contains an aetheric code that correlates to one of the seven astral planes connected to the relativity chakras or soul-gates located over your spinal column.

The astral planes are created through star and planetary reflections. They are an unceasing mirroring action of movement that produces a state of emotion, mood, inductive feeling, and thinking within humanity.2 

There are three lower dream levels or veils that reflect your daytime action, four upper veils that contain the pure reality of spiritual dramas, and five superconscious centers within the sacred stages of dreaming. 

Dream Imposter Initiations

When dreaming in the lower dream veils or astral planes connected to the third dimension, it is important to discern the illusory images and chimeras. It is at this level of dreaming within the lower dream veils, that the dreamer becomes a spirit fighter to identify and remove the illusory images and nightmares placed into the dreamer’s mind by outer space beings. 

An outer space being is anyone who has lost their inner space connection to the heart. Technologically advanced outer space beings work through energetic mechanized influences to control the dreamer within the dream body. The illusory images created by technology bring a feeling of unrest, agitation, and nonfulfillment, whereas the pure dream images bring knowledge and understanding in their wake.

The dreamer must always be on guard for the dream imposters3 who disguise themselves inside of the dream through false images. The false image can be recognized by its behavior within the dream. The dream imposter will stand out in the dream as something being amiss or not right in the actions, character, or behavior of the person, place, or thing being portrayed. The energy will often take the form of a person known to the dreamer. 

The greatest imposter image used by the outer space beings is the image of oneself. If you are unable to identify an imposter image in a dream, it will catch a ride into your waking state where it will manipulate and use your energy for negative purposes.

If you identify an imposter in your dream, you must expose it and call it out by saying “you are an imposter.” When you do this, the outer space being’s technology will no longer be able to hold its false image together and will leave the dream.

Another way to remove the imposter influence from your energetic field is to wake up and pronounce your awareness that you just had an imposter dream. However, the best approach to take when you realize that you are being subjected to the outer space beings’ astral influences, whether in a sleep or waking state, is to collapse the dream image into a ball of violet light.

Whichever approach you choose, all three of these approaches will nullify the energetic connection between you and the negative outer space beings.

Other than as mentioned above, it is important not to give attention or power to imposter dreams. Therefore, never record or speak about the details of an imposter dream to another. If in doubt, ask your Divine Self.

To prevent the outer space beings from intruding on your Dreamtime, see Practice 3 in Chapter 14 of Body-Mind Mastery for a “Dream Insulation Practice.”

Stages of Dreaming

Each stage of dreaming contains its own special form of initiation. Before you can enter the sacred stages of dreaming, initiations occur at each of the chakra soul-gates at each level of the rainbow. 

The spiritual mind is the intelligence within the dream and the heart is the bridge to the upper chakra centers. Before you reach the level of the heart, dreams occur only in the lower astral planes.

In the lower dense astral planes, you dream through immature emotions and the influence of the dense psychic energies connected to the undersoul and the sentient nature. You can tell you are in a lower astral plane dream when the images appear as black and white in your Dreamtime.

In the higher astral planes, you dream through the higher or expanded emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies where you learn of love and the soul. There are no illusory images in the sacred stages of dreaming where the superconscious is experienced as a spiritually conscious state of mind.

In the superconscious, you gain access to the knowledge of the archetypes through the higher or expanded mind known as the Buddhi. The Buddhi illuminates the understanding of dreams and visions and ignites the mind with prophecy.4

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Excerpts were taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

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1 Adaptation from the work of Thompson, The Forbidden Book of Knowledge, p. 111.
2 Colton, The Archetypal Kingdom, p. 396.
3 Dream Imposters: Term created by Thompson, The Forbidden Book of Knowledge, p. 74.
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