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I am Son'Yah (Alisha R. Kaiser). I have been preparing my whole life to birth this Codex into the world. My heartfelt prayerful desire has been for the healing of Mother Earth and all her children. Since then, my journey has opened “The Way” to commune with Sophia, the Archangels and many Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Ascended Masters guiding me into Sophia Christ Consciousness.

Discovering who I truly am, I now embody Sophia Christ Consciousness as Son’Yah, the Oracle of the Christ Codes, through the transmission of a "Living Light Language."  I invite you to become part of a global movement for ushering in the Christ Codes as a divine intercessory vehicle for the healing of your Heart, Spirit and Soul. Together we can heal, lift and change the world.

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Son'Yah (Alisha R.)
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