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Mother Gaia's 5D Dream

As Mother Gaia quickens in her own ascension, humanity is being carried along with her into a faster 5D dream. Time is speeding up because the consciousness of Mother Earth is speeding up and thus the consciousness of the planet. This is occurring whether you consciously participate in the awakening, or not.  

What does this mean? It means that whatever you say, do, or think will manifest before your very eyes in faster and faster time sequences until you move beyond the space-time continuum into no time or limitlessness. 

To not get swept up in the mass hallucination of self-destruction, it is essential that you place your steadfast attention on being present and connected to your heart and your own heart’s knowing. If you are not actively pursuing your own ascending consciousness, you can easily be pulled into the sleepwalkers’ nightmares.

The subliminal programs and beliefs connected to humanity’s unresolved core wounds are collectively triggering negative emotional responses that can be felt throughout the quantum field. Therefore, your vigilance is critical. To ensure your alignment in Dreamtime, speak silently or aloud the Christ Code Mantra before going to sleep with the intention to align with your I AM Presence. 

Suggested Practice: Visualize your I AM Presence as a cocoon or mantle of energy surrounding you before going to sleep and upon awakening in the morning.

See Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery/Keycode 555/The Air Codes.

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