Mystery School

of Mastery

Mystery School of Mastery

The Ascension Generation




Stargate 1

A 3-Month Live Mentorship Program for the Spiritual Warrior to:


  • Eliminate subliminal programs, beliefs and habitual patterns of behavior that keep you disconnected from your intuition, inner guidance, and Divine knowing.

  • Heal and emancipate the body from wounds inflicted against your divinity, your divine sexuality, and the body temple.

Are you ready to free yourself and fully embodying your Self-Mastery?



Stargate 2

​​A 6-Month Live Mentorship Program for the Spiritual Warrior to: 


  • Heal their wounded heart and spirit.

  • Release paralyzing fear, anxiety, and stress that keeps you disconnected from yourself, your soul mission and your divine connection to Source.

Are you ready to heal, release and revitalize your body temple from the core wounds that keep you in fear and playing small?




Stargate 3

A 12-Month Live Mentorship Program for the Spiritual Warrior to:

  • Open pathways to clear seeing of your soul purpose, powers, gifts and talents. 

  • Fully embody your Divine Self for Ascension and Mastery.

  • Step into your full mastery through your ascension into Sophia Christ Consciousness.

Are you ready to claim your self-mastery and dissolve the veils that prevent you from fully embodying your ascension?

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