Mystery School of Mastery
  Stargate Benefits


Stargate 1

Four (4) Months of classes for the Spiritual Initiate to eliminate subliminal programs,  beliefs, and habitual patterns of behavior that keep you disconnected from your intuition, inner guidance, and Divine knowing. Turn your life challenges into superconscious powers for empowered living.



  • Mental clarity and peace of mind.

  • An increased sense of well-being.

  • Increased sexual/creative energy.

  • More available energy and enthusiasm for life.

  • Spiritual buoyancy for everyday challenges.

  • Increased ability to manifest your dreams and desires.

  • A renewed sense of purpose, vigor, and vitality.

  • An increase in your natural healing abilities.

  • An increase in your life force and spiritual magnetism.

  • Increased abundance in all areas of your life.

  • Activation of your Christ Body Template.

  • Spiritual rejuvenation, upliftment and increased awareness of your body temple, 

  • The clearing of energetic blockages in your 12-base chakra system.

  • Regeneration and healing of your cellular DNA.

  • Activation of your star Merkabah and so much more...​


Heart Mastery
Stargate 2


Four (4) Months of classes for the Spiritual Initiate to heal your wounded heart and spirit for embodiment of your Christ Body template.



  • A safe space, place, and environment for healing your heart and core wounds.

  • Activation of your Divine Atom for recovery of your akashic memories in this lifestream.

  • Release of self-judgment that keeps you playing small and afraid of expressing your authentic self.

  • Elimination of paralyzing fear, anxiety, and stress that keeps you disconnected from your divine connection to Source.

  • The unveiling and integration of your shadow self into new ways of seeing and experiencing yourself.

  • Healing and emancipation of the body temple from wounds inflicted against your divinity, your divine sexuality, and the body temple.

  • Grace and ease in healing and moving through the wounds, resistances, fears and trauma clots that keep you a prisoner of the past.

  • Restoration of your core emotional strength.

  • The reclamation of your divine innocence and vulnerability.

  • Reclamation of your Divine Feminine power. 

  • Reconnect to the power and strength of your Divine Masculine working in partnership with the Divine Feminine.

  • Resiliency of your creative powers to manifest an abundant life.

  • Living in the divine flow of a healed and open heart.

  • Freedom to live the life you’ve always dreamed of but were too afraid or unsure how to manifest into reality. 

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Soul Mastery

Stargate 3

Four (4) Month of classes for the Spiritual Initiate to fully embody their Soul Mission, Divine Self, and Self-Mastery for Ascension into Sophia Christ Consciousness.


  • Free your voice from the bonds that have silenced you in life and in parallel lifestreams. 

  • Free the throat chakra from sworn oaths and vows that served another time.

  • Heal lifetimes of persecution, intentional suffering, and personal, ancestral, and collective karma.

  • Heal, illuminate and integrate the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within the Tree or Ankh of Life.

  • Heal your core wounds within the four bodies on a soul level.

  • Reactivation of your 12-DNA strands.

  • Integration of your kundalini chakra centers.

  • Make a direct connection and communion with Sophia-God-Source.

  • Access your next level of evolutionary awakening.

  • Experience increased clarity, intuition, and sensitivity to your superconscious soul powers. 

  • Find the inner Master you've been seeking all your life.

  • Realization and unification of parallel lifetimes into zero-point consciousness for healing, mastery, and ascension into Sophia Christ Consciousness.

  • Preparation of the body temple for the full embodiment of your Christ body template for the awakening of Sophia Christ Consciousness. 

  • The ability to bring heaven to earth by fully embodying your Divine Self in physical form.

  • Empower your words to create miracles in your life and for Mother Earth. 

All within a supportive environment that will hold you as you spread your wings and take flight as the Dragon Phoenix rising out of the ashes of your former self.