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Capstone to Success for DRAGONPRENEURS


do you feel a sacred stirring calling you into your next-level of leadership but feel intimidated and/or challenged by:

  • your purpose and/or soul mission?

  • the enormity of the task before you?

  • the fear of being judged and/or criticized in your leadership?

  • the responsibilities of running and balancing your business with your personal life?

Are you feeling resistance, fear, and overwhelm from:

  • standing in the power and truth of your message?

  • the necessity to become more active and visible in your chosen field?

  • limiting beliefs and programs that keep you living in fear and resistance.

  • lack of faith and trust in your intuition, inner knowing and Divine guidance?

  • embodying the authenticity and vulnerability that your leadership requires?

  • your ability to impact the the world as a wayshower for your clients.

Do your everyday responsibilities:

  • have you playing small and disempowered in your life, business, and/or soul mission?

  • trigger doubts, fears, and insecurities about your capabilities, value, and self-worth?

  • challenge your beliefs and dreams of being a purposeful, powerful, and successful coach, mentor and/or leader?

  • cause you difficulty in making clear decisive decisions in alignment with your life, relationships, goals and business.

are you confused and/or intimidated about:

  • your ability to earn a living doing something you love?

  • getting your original ideas out in the marketplace?

  • finding your divine right client?

  • creating a program that will fully serve and impact your clients' lives?

  • choosing the ideal platform to deliver your message?

  • building a business that will support your lifestyle choices?

You may be thinking . . . 

  • I have so many gifts and talents, I don't know where to begin.

  • I've tried getting myself out there for years and have been unsuccessful.

  • I don't know how to offer my gifts without feeling salesy. 

  • Although I've taken all kinds of courses and workshops on how to build my business, I'm more confused than ever.

  • Why am I failing when others are successfully launching their businesses?

  • How do I rectify my spirituality with material success.

  • I don't want to waste any more time, money or effort without seeing results.

  • I want someone to guide me through the ropes so I can finally bring my vision to fruition.

  • I need more energy, stamina, and drive to keep going.



The truth is, you can quickly and easily manifest your dreams when you have the perfect tools and system to:

  • build your business structure and platform.

  • implement and take your innovative ideas to market.

  • build your transformational lifechanging masterminds/courses for a better world.

  • live your life's passion while bringing joy to others. 


Schedule a Heart Tune-In Session with Son'Yah and discover a (R)evolutionary approach for fully stepping into your Divine Feminine Leadership.

Your Destiny is Waiting for YOU!


Start with a Complimentary Heart Tune-In Session with Son'Yah


Birth an original idea that could change the world.

Stand in your full power as a Divine Feminine leader, confidently guiding your clients.

Live your passion and purpose while earning a lucrative income.

Be an instrument of change for healing the Sacred Heart of the Divine Feminine.

Build a legacy of love for future generations.

Your complimentary HEART TUNE-IN SESSION is a 45-minute opportunity to get really clear on:

  • What is holding you back from fully stepping into your leadership? 

  • What are your underlying challenges?

  • How to quickly and easily get you back on track with your purpose, soul mission and/or spiritual gifts.

  • Strategic insights, actionable steps and a plan for your next move in stepping into Divine Feminine Leadership.



Testimonial by Scot Klingenmaier

R. Taucher Testimonial


"...No one has broken down what I learned about myself today in 20 minutes and gotten right to the heart of what it is I need to be working on..."

~ R. Taucher

"Two weeks later, I’m still feeling the effects of our session. I feel a renewed sense of purpose, vigor and vitality.  I have manifested multiple sources of income and Divine song is flowing through me in a way I have wanted for a majority of my life.  I’m finding such grace and ease in moving through resistances, fears and past traumas coming up to be released. Even in my dreams, I am integrating my shadow in new ways and finding myself to be the master I was seeking…”

~ Joy V.

"Everything you said today resonated within me with such alignment with my own life~experience and feeling~thought form that it was as though I was talking to myself listening to you!  I seem to be on the cusp of everything you are bringing into the conscious-light of my mind~heart~body.  I could take hours to go through each of the things you said and explore the worlds that were opening up in me, breath by breath..."

~Debra C.

About Son'Yah

Son’Yah is a Sacred Heart Emissary and Quantum Alchemist for Divine Feminine healing through empowered leadership. 


She is also the Creator of the Christ Codes, a (R)evolutionary healing system designed to dismantle subliminal beliefs and programs, heal core wounds, and unlock your soul memories for superconscious living and self-mastery.

Son'Yah is also the Founder of a modern Mystery School of Mastery dedicated to healing the Sacred Heart of the Divine Feminine. 


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