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ARE YOU BEING callED to rise above the chaos and fear into your ascension MASTERY but feel intimidated and/or challenged by:

  • your purpose and/or soul mission?

  • the enormity of the task before you?

  • your lack of understanding about ascension and what it really means?

  • your inability to determine where you are on your ascension journey?

  • your unfamiliarity with the stages of ascension or how to get there?

  • the need for a roadmap or system to accelerate your progress?

  • the fear of being judged and/or criticized for your ascension goals?

  • the challenge of balancing your ascension goals with your outer life?

Are you feeling resistance, fear, and overwhelm from:

  • limiting beliefs and programs that keep you living in fear and resistance?

  • lack of faith and trust in your intuition, inner knowing, and Divine guidance?

  • embodying the authenticity and vulnerability that your mastery requires?

  • your ability to impact the world as a wayshower for others?

  • standing in the power and truth of your divinity as a living master?

  • the necessity to become more active and visible in your chosen field of service?

  • your desire to leave a legacy of love?

Do your everyday responsibilities:

  • have you playing small and disempowered in your life and/or soul mission?

  • trigger doubts, fears, and insecurities about your capabilities, value, and self-worth?

  • challenge your beliefs and dreams of leading a purposeful and powerful life while preparing for your ascension?

  • cause you difficulty in making clear, decisive decisions in alignment with your ascension goals?

  • stop you from taking guided action toward your Ascension Mastery.

The truth is, you can quickly and easily manifest your dreams when you have the perfect tools and system to:

  • Heal and release the source of your fear, resistance, pain and/or suffering.

  • Access your next-level of Ascension Mastery.

  • Activate and embody your Christ Diamond Light Body.

  • Support you in living your life's passion while bringing joy to others.

  • Guide you into fully embodying your Divine Self for Ascension-Mastery.

Your Destiny is Waiting for YOU!



  • Birth an original idea that could change the world.

  • Stand in the full power of your Ascension Mastery, confidently building a foundation for the New Earth.

  • Live your passion and purpose while healing yourself and the planet.

  • Be an instrument of change for healing the Sacred Heart of the Divine Feminine.

  • Leave a legacy of love for future generations.


Start with a Heart Tune-In Session

with Son'Yah

Your HEART TUNE-IN SESSION is a 45-minute opportunity to get clear on:

  • What is holding you back from fully stepping into your mastery? 

  • What are your underlying challenges?

  • How to quickly and easily get you back on track with your ascension goals.

  • Strategic insights, actionable steps and a plan for clearing the path for fully embodying your Divine Self.

  • Get a Christ Code healing code to heal and remove your greatest obstacle.

Schedule a Heart Tune-In Session with Son'Yah and discover a (R)evolutionary approach for fully stepping into your Ascension Mastery.




Rozanne Taucher

Pranic Healer

"...No one has broken down what I learned about myself today in 20 minutes and gotten right to the heart of what it is I need to be working on..."


Jessica Carpenter.

Business Administration

"Holy Moly! It is like “bam!” Christ energy in your aura. Then with my third eye I saw a hand on my shoulder, and this gold ring of energy came out like it was clearing my energy and with a deep voice I heard the words “no more.” I feel like whoever’s hand was on my shoulder was much bigger than I. It cleared everything out."


Debra C.

Attorney at Law

"Everything you said today resonated within me with such alignment with my own life~experience and feeling~thought form that it was as though I was talking to myself listening to you!  I seem to be on the cusp of everything you are bringing into the conscious-light of my mind~heart~body. "

About Son'Yah

Son’Yah is a Sacred Heart Emissary and Quantum Alchemist for Ascension Mastery. 


She is also the Co-Creator of the Christ Codes, a (R)evolutionary healing system designed to activate your Christ Body Template within your crystalline Diamond Light Body, unlock your soul memories for superconscious living and embodiment of your Divine Self.

Son'Yah is also the Founder of a modern Mystery School of Mastery dedicated to healing the Sacred Heart of the Divine Feminine. 

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