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The Spiritual Brain

The Fluidic Matrix of the Will

As a vortex for the emotional body, the heart bears the burdens of the undersoul. Through the heart’s expanding love, the Initiate begins to use its Divine Nature, thus transenergizing the undersoul into an aetheric or spiritual brain. The third matrix of the mind begins in the heart and moves upward towards the crown of the head where it works directly to form the aetheric or spiritual brain as a direct Will-Vehicle for Sophia. The fluidic matrix of the will resides in the spine and is perfected through the kundalini’s action. The spiritual guidance brain works with the Spirit of Truth through the heart and the solar plexus organs. It holds the memories of experiences of the physical body atoms and prototypical compulsions from this and other lifestreams.1 The spiritual brain is opened through Archetypal Instruction which is fed by the sun. The aetheric or spiritual brain becomes permanent when the Initiate accepts the disciplines of the spiritual life and purifies the lower impulses. When the heart reaches the Ahimsa or harmless state of love through transenergization of lust into purity, hate into love, greed into giving, and separateness through oneness, the fluidic matrix wills, within the Will of Sophia, without thought of ego, claim, or fame.2 Accordingly, the most direct way to seek Sophia is through the Stargate of the heart. Through the selfless will, the emotions prepare the way for the Divine Will of Sophia to work with your Divine Self through your Divine Nature.

Unconditional Love

Movement through unconditional love is the highest vibrational state of the emotional body. This produces movement for the mind to create from the true Archetypal design coming from the Will of Sophia. When you connect to the essence of Her Holy Spirit's movements, as the Intelligence of Cosmic Nature, all things become One in feeling and knowing through the union of the heart and mind. The Will of Sophia begins with the emotion of unconditional love followed by revelatory guidance from the Mind of Sophia God. The power of imaging begins through the movement of emotions through the Divine Self. This builds a protective shield against the tensions of the psychic matter nature which dwells in the undersoul. Asking for guidance from the Divine Self is calling forth an integrated response from your whole unified BE‐ing. The seed idea or question is the key to exploring one’s Divine Self. The clarity and sincere heartfelt desire in seeking the answers to life’s challenges open the way for true guidance to come. For we are encoded with a divine genetic blueprint that can only be accessed through a pure heart’s devotion. Through your Divine Self, you prevail over the dark waters of the emotions through purification by movement into life through unconditional love. From this, the will matrix of the mind is formed so that the Divine Self may begin its creations. Thus, a mind aligned with its creative potential will magnetically attract the focus of its attention.

The Divine Intelligible

When thought is spiritualized through the union of the heart and mind, e-motion, as energy in motion, unifies the present moment through the divine harmonics of a third musical tone. In the Christ Codes, the third musical tone is expressed through the vowel sounds which commune with the elements of Nature in the form of:

  • A as the electromagnetic energy of “fire”

  • E as the force of gravity within the “earth”

  • I as the prana within the “air”

  • O as the light within the “aether”

  • U as the magnetism within the “water”

  • Y as the electricity within the “plasma”

  • YA as the cellular life within the “bioplasma”

This musical tone is the Divine Essence or Holy Spirit expressing the Divine Intelligible, beyond the intellect, as the Intelligence of Cosmic Nature. It is experienced as a cosmic event that informs you of Sophia’s Will and Plan working through Her Holy Spirit.

To understand the cosmic laws underlying the nature of reality, you must first remove the stones from your heart. Only then will the sacred seeds of truth come forth, for the Nature of Sophia is Truth.

The Fourth Dimension

Existence is not limited to the confines of just one lifetime. Many lifetimes exist together non-chronologically in the fourth dimension and can be experienced simultaneously according to the power of the BEing. Just as Mother Gaia has many lifeforms that live within and on the surface of her body, we too have many lifeforms that we exist in, within the fourth dimension. The fourth-dimensional experience is increased by specializing its potential in the third dimension of physical reality through the emotional body. This refers to incarnation. A spiritualized mind provides the bridge to move beyond the fourth dimension into the fifth dimension and beyond, freeing the Initiate to discover dimensions that presently do not register within the senses or the intellect. As Mother Gaia ascends into her Fifth-Dimensional Light Body, you ascend with her and become a larger body or hologram for others to experience reality beyond the third and fourth dimensions. When Mother Gaia and humanity ascend together into the Light of the Sun, to embrace the Christ as the Sun of their Soul, Mother Gaia becomes a star and you become a holographic container for the full expression of your Christ Keycode embodiment.

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Stay tuned for the next post on Dreams and the Soul.

Excerpts taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

The Spiritual Brain

1 Colton, Watch Your Dreams, p. 218.
2 Colton, The Third Music, p. 393.

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