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Accessing the Oracular Messenger Within

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

We each have been birthed with a heroic mission in allegiance to the “Call of Life” for something better.

As we awaken, memories come flooding in to remind us of that mission. Once we regain our full memory and reason for BEing, we are ready to commence our Soul mission for “All of Life.” In my own journey of Soul awakening, memories were stirred into recognition through dreams, people, mirror scrying, movies or deja vu experiences that awakened spiritual connections to other nows.

Our Soul is continually seeking to guide us back to the memory of who we truly are. One of the ways this is accomplished is through the “Soul’s Living Language of Light.” Your Soul speaks to you every day through nature, through the creative expression of your own nature and at night through your dreams. The Oversoul, as the architect of your inner world, brings to light through color, sound, symbols, codes, myth and allegory inner guidance and course corrections for traversing life in accordance with your Soul’s primary directive.

Influenced by the energetic rhythms and cycles of the cosmos, and primarily by the interplay between the sun, moon and planets, the Soul is constantly speaking to you through your Higher Self, whether or not remembered, recognized or understood. These cyclical influences provide a constant stream of guidance about your evolution as a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.

As the witness, you are led into heightened states of awareness for discernment of all your thoughts, deeds and actions as either an observer or participant within your dreams. All observer dreams are instructive, while all participant dreams are initiatory. From this vantage point, you get to see the potential results and/or consequences of your actions within the dreamscape of the night. You see, your dreams are merely a continuation of your daytime actions which are encoded with messages to instruct and guide you throughout your life.

Once you begin to understand your dream messages and transmute the shadowy elements and energies revealed through your chakra soul gates, you will be granted passage into the inner dream veils where you will receive information about other lifestreams, potential probabilities, prophetic messages and sometimes even minister to people or situations through your dream body.

The Oversoul is not only the architect of this lifestream, but also the architect of your multidimensional lifestreams as well. After a certain level of unification, the Oversoul will begin to weave the consciousness from these other aspects of Self into your current lifestream for reconciliation and unification into unity or Sophia Christ Consciousness.

The oracular messages, as gifts from your Soul, are always present and are merely awaiting your recognition and exploration to ultimately reveal the Soul mission that has been encoded within your DNA. It is one of the Constants in life that unceasingly speaks the truth of your Higher Self as an oracular gift and promise from Source that you are being divinely guided within the loving arms of Divine Mother Sophia.

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