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Christ Diamond Living Light

We have been taught to look at the alphabet to describe and communicate our everyday reality, not realizing that naming and describing our reality is an act of creation. We are given Sophia soul-powers to co-create the world we live in. However, because of negative programs and false beliefs, we often create a living hell rather than paradise realities.

We are creatures that communicate through language and symbols. Consequently, language shapes our reality which affects our relationship with the space-time continuum. When you use the Christ Diamond Light Language, you are communicating directly with the quantum field using coded Light Language.

Mantras, Mantrams, and Yantras

“Mantra” is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning mind insulation and transportation. A mantra transports you into deeper states of consciousness through molecular energy-particles of light.

Gamma waves or rhythms travel between 25 and 140 Hz.1 This wavelength is stimulated by meditation and carries massive amounts of information packets into your consciousness to awaken higher states of consciousness.2

The power of the mantra is connected to its vowels. Each vowel correlates to an element. Thus, mantramic communication speaks directly to the elements within creation using coded messages which communicate the essence of spirit into your four bodies through your spiritual DNA.

As such, the Christ Codes use a powerful universal Diamond Light Language that connects you to the essence of energy and form through the archetypal blueprints within creation using Mantras, Mantrams, Numerical Ciphers, and Sacred Geometry in the form of Yantras.

How is this possible? Light Language creates from a different premise. Light Language works with the building blocks of Nature as the essence of form. As essence, Light Language creates pure forms. The elements are expressions of “Living Light.” They work with light to create energetic archetypal blueprints as rotating grids of light that build and uphold the foundation of form and thus life itself.  This is the stuff that shapes and forms heaven on earth realities. 

You probably see the letter “A” as just a letter or a vowel. I see the letter “A” as the element of fire, the electromagnetic spark of life. It is the capstone of the pyramid as the All-Seeing Eye.

The consonants, as representatives of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine Principles, encapsulate the vowel elements to support the creation of form. Together, they act like clay that can be shaped, molded, and formed into anything you desire. 

A Living Light Language

Living Light is the light from the inner sun of the Christ. It rains down as light in musical scores through sound vibrations into your spiritual DNA and into your cellular DNA through the medium of water as Life. Your own individual blueprint is the song that you play throughout the cosmos. You are an instrument that is being played and the blueprint is your soul-song, your geometric musical score you might say. 

When you speak you are sending out your song into the universe. You are putting out in heart waves your message or song to the cosmos and all of life. Together, we are a grand symphony of music being played throughout the tapestry of life.

How does this work you might ask? The physical sun receives the Christ Rays through its center and filters the Rays into the “Ready Ones” awaiting activation. The sun’s rays are received through the solar plexus chakra while the Christ Rays are received through the third eye chakra. The Christ, as the Soul of the Universe, radiates Sophia’s light into your soul through the Christ portal in the center of our sun. The Holy Father or Divine Masculine Principle works through the solar sun through the Light Current.

The light flows into the water within your cells through the Life Current as the Divine Feminine Principle. The Life Current communes with the cells of your body through a Living Light Language of sound frequencies that travel on the Light Current.

They flow in as symphonic frequency waves of communication that move through the body when the vessel is clear. The dance is contagious and jumps back and forth sharing its light with all the other cells in your body. When you stay connected to the flow, you will receive “knowing in the light” beyond your understanding.

The blueprint of life begins in the heart’s sacred Divine Atom. When you move into heart coherence, you activate the “Divine Nature of the Atom™” which acts as a tuning fork for the double-helix stairway within each strand of your spiritual and physical DNA.

Christ Body Template

Thus, your spiritual DNA lies dormant until the frequency of your heart’s action activates your Christ Body Template. The Christ seed is a spiritual atom that is being activated and downloaded into your cells, clearing out your carbon-based or physical DNA and activating the transformation of your spiritual DNA into crystalline light. 

This technology is centered in the sacred temple of your heart inside a pillar of white light with a crystalline double helix spiraling up and down through your chakras. The double helix within your spiritual and physical DNA is the sequence for all life, form, and consciousness found in sacred geometry as the Flower of Life pattern.

The activation of your Christ Diamond Light Body is essential for accessing expanded dimensional planes of Sophia Christ Consciousness. When this occurs, the polarities are brought back into balance through the trinity action of the Christ Codes activating your Christ Body Template.  Upon activation, the hidden blocks, unhealed trauma clots, and viral programs surface into your consciousness for transenergization. 

©2017 - 2022 CHRIST CODES®

Stay tuned for the next post on The Soul Chakra Wheels.

Excerpts taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

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2 Gregg Braden at Human Stream+| The Science of Self-Empowerment: The Mystery and Meaning of the Gamma Brain State, Ep. 14.

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