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Galactic Archangels ~ Spiritual Tides of Consciousness

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

A Solar Archangel
The Galactic Archangels

The Solar, Galactic and Universal Archangels usher in Spiritual Tides of Consciousness during the cyclic procession of the sun and galaxies through the universe. Spiritual Tides of Consciousness afford us opportunities to prepare our spiritual gardens – to cleanse out the old and usher in the new.  

As of April 22, 2016 (Earth Day), the third-dimensional grids were energetically dissolved which means that the old paradigm reality is no longer being supported. The new 5th dimensional grids have been in place since 2010 and are now being activated for the birthing of Mother Earth and humanity into a new way of Being.

All spiritual decisions are made in the inner planes while we sleep. With the dissolving of the 3rd-dimensional grid, those who have chosen 5th-dimensional activation have set their intention and course on the inner planes for Ascension and Mastery. Thus, the Galactic Archangels are now making themselves known to us to assist us in this regard. They are ushering in energies through certain Trinity Constellations and Solar Constellation star clusters within those constellations, for cleansing, purifying and activating our spiritual DNA, soul memory, and inner knowing.

Once we move beyond the veils of duality, we move into the trinity action, where the three become ONE in body, soul, and spirit. The archetypal blueprint within our universe is based on this trinity action, starting with the first trinity of Mother, Father, and God Absolute. This trinity action is mirrored throughout the universe as the Solar, Galactic, and Universal Suns and within our solar system as the Sun, Earth, and Moon.  

Part of our soul memory lies in awakening our own mythological stories. Mythological stories were used by the ancients to record historical events over long periods of time and are contained within all ancient civilization creation stories. These stories hold the keys for activating and retrieving our soul memories. Every life has a pattern (blueprint) and key elements within it that were designed to help us remember our soul family and lineage and who we truly are on a cosmic level. So in sharing information about the Galactic Archangels, I have relied on the mythological stories of the stars to shape and form the deeper spiritual meaning held within them.

* * *


In preparation for the Summer Solstice, new information was brought in over a three-day period to support humanity in this new cycle of energy that we are entering.  The Galactic Archangels that are now available to us are:

  1. Archangel Antari out of the Constellation of Scorpius.

  2. Archangel Arcturus out of the Constellation of Bootes;

  3. Archangel Pegasus out of the Constellations Pegasus and Andromeda; and

  4. Archangel Orion out of the Constellation Orion.

ARCHANGEL ANTARI comes out of the Constellation of Scorpius which is at the equatorial center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Scorpius pre-dates the Greeks and is one of the oldest constellations known. It represents the scorpion and is associated with the story of Orion in Greek mythology.1


Scorpius has multiple binary, triple, and supergiant stars within its Constellation. Antares, a red supergiant, is about 10,000 times more luminous than our sun and is the brightest star in the Scorpius Constellation. The Star Antares is at the very heart of the Scorpius Constellation. Furthermore, the constellation itself holds the heart space within the pyramid-shaped Archangel Constellations. Thus, it is the heart of Scorpius that propels the spiritual warrior, Orion, into action. Remarkably, Archangel Antari’s wings are a deep, rich, reddish earth color.  

Besides representing the heart of the Galactic Archangels, Scorpius also represents the energy of death, rebirth, and resurrection. Archangel Antari will support and assist you on the path of enlightenment to:

  1. Connect to the deepest part of your hearts;

  2. Connect to the stream of expanded consciousness within the galaxy; and

  3. Receive your spiritual inheritance and treasures.

  4. Restoration and activation of your spiritual DNA.

ARCHANGEL ARCTURUS works out of the Constellation Bootes. Arcturus is the brightest star North of the Celestial Equator within the Constellation of Bootes.


Arcturus, in essence, is acting as the North Star within the galactic universe as well as the top position held within the trinity action of the Archangel Constellations. The Constellation Arcturus is commonly referred to as the Herdsman in Greek Mythology. The Herdsman, as the protector of a flock of souls, is also the Guardian of the Bear or Primal Mother.

As your protector and Guardian of the Great Primal Mother, Archangel Arcturus will assist you on your spiritual journey in the following ways:

  1. Psychic Protection;

  2. Accessing your higher vibrational energies;

  3. Increased clarity of inner visions;

  4. Raising your energies to a universal level; and

  5. Revealing the secrets held within the gifts of your spiritual harvest.

ARCHANGEL PEGASUS comes out of the Constellations Pegasus and Andromeda. They both are in the southern hemisphere below the celestial center of the Milky Way Galaxy on its western border. The Andromeda constellation is diametrically across from the Constellation Orion, on the eastern border of the Milky Way Galaxy. Thus, these three constellations hold the two bottom positions of the Archangel Constellations’ triangulation.


If you are wondering why Archangel Pegasus is formed by two constellations, just look into the night sky and you will see that the head of Andromeda is one of the stars in the four-star square body of Pegasus.4

The Greek Mythological Pegasus was a white-winged horse. Contrary to other mythological stories, his father was Poseidon, God of the Sea, and his mother was Mnemosyne, the Goddess of Memory and Inspiration. It is interesting to note that the Hippocampus, our memory center, actually looks like a sea horse.  

The Andromeda Constellation is named after the Greek Princess Andromeda. The name Andromeda means “to be mindful.” Looking at the mythological story of Andromeda, you will recall that she was saved by Perseus, the Son of Zeus, by the gorgon monster, Medusa. Medusa was a winged create with golden scales, which had venomous snakes for hair. If anyone looked upon her face, they were instantly turned to stone.  

When looking at the correlations between these two constellations, you will find that Andromeda’s head lies in the stomach, or gut, of Pegasus and her body lies over his right back leg. The stomach correlates to digesting one’s intuition and the right leg correlates to the progressive will.

The message here is that the Divine Feminine intuition is the rider of the spiritual horse of Pegasus which carries the message to be mindful of venous thoughts (that can turn the heart to stone), as you travel on the spiritual path and learn discernment through the right use of your will.

Archangel Pegasus is also the ancient sign for the New Age Consciousness of Christ and has beautiful rainbow-colored wings.

In addition to the above, Archangel Pegasus will be supporting you in:

  1. The restoration of your soul memory and inner knowing;

  2. Spiritual enlightenment; and

  3. Birthing of the Christ Mind.

ARCHANGEL ORION comes out of the Constellation of Orion, which lies on the eastern border in the celestial center of the Milky Way Galaxy.5


The belt of Orion carries the sword of truth. Below Orion’s belt is a nebula, which contains interstellar clouds where stars are born. Orion’s Nebula appears as the slightly blurry central “star” in Orion’s Sword [which actually looks like 3-stars], just south of Orion’s belt.

Much like the Constellation Scorpius, Orion has multiple binary, triple, and supergiant stars within its Constellation and is also associated with the energy of death, the afterlife, and rebirth. The spiritual gifts available to you from Archangel Orion are:

  1. The strength and courage of the spiritual warrior to act with moral conviction and to speak your truth;

  2. Levitation over the astral realm;

  3. Inner vision or sight; and

  4. Assistance in birthing and awakening into the star-being that you truly are.


1 Scorpius Constellation @ 2 Bootes Constellation @ 3 Bootes Constellation @ 4 Constellation Photo © Bruno Tomba, in Stories of the Sky (1959) 5 Constellation Orion @ UCIrvine Distance Learning Center

© 2016 Cosmic Dreaming Weaving
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