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Sophia Christ Dragons of Light

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Happy New Year Everyone!

The New Year is feeling very powerful, with lots of changes afoot. And on that note, I’m posting my newest article published in the January 2018 issue of Luminous Wisdom ~ Sophia. This month’s article introduces some radical thoughts to stretch your world view a bit. I hope you enjoy it.

In Love and Light,

♥ Son’Yah

“It is the visionary artist that sees beyond the limitations of his known reality to see and birth a new world view into existence.”

I became interested in dragons during the course of my apprenticeship training with a modern-day white sorcerer. The sorcerer had a magnetic personality and relationship with the elements such that the nature of reality would bend and shift to support the full embodiment of his Higher Self presence.

During the course of that training, my teacher represented himself as an embodied dragon teacher. I was taught that the dragon symbolized the creative power of Nature as an agent of change and was, in fact, the true positive as a force of Nature. However, being a neophyte to the curriculum, I didn’t quite believe the claims of my teacher until he shapeshifted into his dragon form several years after our association began.

After the sorcerer left his physical embodiment, I left the mystery school due to illness and was guided to work with the Ascended Masters. However, my new spiritual teacher did not embrace the positive symbolic references of the dragon as represented by the sorcerer. Not knowing how to rectify these two seemingly polarized realities, I put the dragon teachings to rest until I could more completely understand the relationship between the dragon and the Christ.

The reconciliation finally came when I was graced with a dream vision of a dragon sculpture. As I gazed upon the dragon, the sculpture came to life and descended into the womb of Mother Sophia Gaia where it was revealed that the dragon and the Christ were one and the same energy. Although I didn’t fully comprehend the depth of this vision, I knew within the core of my being that it was true. The dilemma having finally been resolved, I began to have visions of dragons flying throughout the multiverse picking up souls in the Great Cosmic Womb of Life and delivering them to different locations throughout the cosmos for embodiment into form.

You may say that I am delusional to base my reality on a dream. However, I have found that when we allow ourselves to look beyond the limitations of the fixed reality that we have been programmed to accept, reality will begin to show up in ways that we never imagined possible.

In fact, science has proven that visionary art predates radical ways of thinking by about 100 years. It is the visionary artist that sees beyond the limitations of his known reality to see and birth a new world view into existence. Some of these artists have been called heretics as their visions have dismantled foundational ideas that have shaped and formed the consciousness of our world.

So I invite you to take off your reality blinders for a moment and accept the possibility that the evil demonic stories written about in our mythologies are merely veiled illusions preventing us from discovering the true nature and power of these Divine Beings of Light. Allow yourself to experience the true nature of these ancient Seraphim Christ embodiments that serve Divine Mother Sophia as midwives to the Soul’s journey into form.

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