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The Creative Defense

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

The Initiate demonstrates their ability to fight rational thought through their creative mind. The more developed the mind, the more developed the creativity and thus, the greater the power of the creative defense. To understand this, one need only look at the many diverse forms found within Nature. 

The power of creative energy lies in its ability to “transform negative energy by creating change which is the true positive.”1 Change, as the true positive, is receptive to the creativity of the true negative as the original push force birthed from Sophia, its Creative Source. Thus, the power of the true positive lies in its creative defense which shields the Initiate from the telepathic influences of the dark shadow forces.

To push the negative pull force of another being out of its path of forward movement, the Initiate must mount a creative defense that is more powerful than the negative influence of the other being. In other words, you need positive-negative energy to positively influence the dark shadow forces.2

To approach negative energy with only positive or only negative energy will push the energy further apart. This concept can be demonstrated by science through positive and negative electrical charges. Consistent with fundamental principles of charge interactions, objects with a like charge will repel each other. On the other hand, a positively charged object will attract a negatively charged object.3 Consequently, you have to use creative energy in order to change the status quo.

The Power of the Creative Defense

I remember being fascinated with how crystals grew. As I studied their shape and form, I began to draw them. I soon found myself drawing a crystal sphere with star-pointed edges in the form of a mandala or yantra. The center contained the Eye of God with rays of light reflected throughout the crystal sphere, both going in and out. 

In a dream vision, I saw that the crystal sphere was spinning around my head, keeping negative thought-forms from entering my mind. From the dream vision, I could see the power of the creative defense. To mount a creative defense, the Initiate must use positive-negative energy from its own creations, or that of another, so that the energy of change will be accepted. 

If one is pulled by the negativity of another being and does nothing about it, the being is energetically injured and thus incurs a loss of power. In such a case, the Initiate will find themselves at the next doorway of initiation, the Dark Night of the Soul.


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Balancing the Yin and Yang
The Creative Defense


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