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The Divine Nature of Atoms (Birthing a New World)

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

“Be the change you wish to see and consciously weave the dream of your life and your world.”

~ Son'Yah ♥

Meditating on the Divine Nature of Atoms (DNA) as the ecstasy or bliss expression of nature, I entered into the sacred temple of my heart and saw a pillar of white light with a crystalline DNA double helix spiraling down through my chakras. Looking at the picture and inner knowing that the universe resides within me, I saw the chakras as orbiting planets that move into divine convergence when the heart is energetically harmonious.

Another way to look at this is to see your chakras as having a harmonic convergence through their alignment. Despite all outward influences, like the planets, we necessarily come into alignment as we orbit the sacred atom or sun within our hearts. When we are able to do this on a consistent basis through constancy in heart action, we move into continuous synchronization grace.

Through the concentration of our attention into a still-point of peace and bliss, our thoughts are bent by the light through one-pointed concentration of energy. Concentration of our attention / intention implodes into itself as a spiraling vortex within the womb of the heart to birth an idea through vision out the other side.

Alignment through the heart womb brings us into complete alignment with the I AM Presence of the Divine Self into the world of our making. The birthing happens within and without, simultaneously, whether we are aware of it or not. Just like a sperm planted into an ovum, the seed has been planted into the heart womb and continues to grow until it is birthed into the world through a contraction of the Soul pushing (manifesting) it into the light of day.

Looking at this picture within ourselves, and applying it outwardly, you can see that once you come into full alignment with the heart, even the solar system’s lunar and planetary cyclic influences can no longer effect you or your energy matrix for you have moved beyond its influence.

How is that possible you may ask? You see, every chakra as a planet within your physical biological universe, is represented as a band of energy through the seven (7) heart muscles that make up the heart. These muscles are intimately involved in the function of your heart as they surround and contract within the heart. If the resonance is off, the heart beat will not sound out a healthy or resonant tone, creating a sharp or flat note instead, thereby causing miscommunication between your DNA and the cells of your body.

So every feeling that is not based in love, such as judgment, fear, greed, doubt, hatred, projection, etc., creates disharmony in the communication from our DNA to our cells. This disharmonic note is the beginning of the chord of dis-ease within our bodies.

The energetics of our thoughts either create a world of harmony, peace and bliss or it creates disharmony, disease and chaos. (Where the mind goes, the energy follows.) The source of the disharmony, whether it be from the mind or emotions, will bring the whole organism into a state of separation or breakdown from within and without.

Thus, focusing on the chaos that is happening in the world, will only keep you enmeshed in a third dimensional or physical reality that is, of necessity, falling apart. By focusing on the illusions, separation and hatred in the world, you keep your mind and emotions imprisoned in a dense field that is no longer energetically being supported on the planet — a prison that keeps self-perpetuating in your physical biology (inwardly and outwardly) as you energetically support it.

The convergence of your chakras with your physical heart also embodies the convergence of the multidimensional aspects of yourself. You see, each chakra represents a dimension, form of consciousness and thus experience unto itself, either inside of time (1st – 3rd) or outside of time (4th – 12th).

As we align with all the parts of ourselves into unity and wholeness, these inner dimensional and invisible worlds become more available to our everyday awareness. The Oversoul has been orchestrating these parts of ourselves as memories that we call present, past or future, but in reality they are all happening simultaneously.

As we move into the wholeness that we are, the memory and knowledge contained within these parts of ourselves merge into one light body, or divine light technology, as crystalline bodies of light instead of dense carbon bodies, within our cellular DNA. To move into these light bodies (higher frequency vessels), we of necessity, must purge out all of the toxins, illusions and belief systems that we held in our unconscious states of mind, body and emotions.

We change the world not by defending our positions, but by remaining neutral in the face of all obstruction. When we hold the vision of what we want our life and the new world to look like, and take peaceful actions to support that vision, things unfold miraculously through continuous synchronization grace.

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