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The Spirit of Truth

The Initiate maintains their oneness with Sophia through the Higher or Divine Self, the soul, and the spiritual mind. The soul is a vehicle of superconscious movement that is in a constant state of increase in God. The superconscious is the diamond of Christ Consciousness and reflects and is equal to that level of mind. This movement is not separate from Sophia, Her creations, or the universe.

Sophia’s Holy Spirit commands the tone and sound in all living forms, the speech of humanity, the movement, vibratory velocities, and all the tones sounding and resounding from the earth as the Intelligence of Cosmic Nature.1

The vibratory essence of Sophia flows into life as form and consciousness as the Spirit of Truth. Her Holy Spirit works through the Spirit of Truth, just as Christ works through Jesus.2

The Witnessing Mind

All works of the Holy Spirit are expressed through affirmations and declarations of the witnessing mind. The witnessing mind as the spiritual mind works directly with the Initiate so you may come to know the Omnipresence of Sophia as the reality of your Divine Nature. 

The witnessing mind sees the archetypal blueprint for the mind and life processes of the earth. These spiritual, creative, divine archetypal compulsions work through the prototypical mind processes. The prototypical mind processes are determined by the location of the sun at the time of the soul’s birth, the soul’s birth number, and corresponding planetary alignments which inform, initiate, and awaken the soul to its Divine Nature.

The Archetones

The archetypal blueprint is sounded through the archetone as the Word under the command of Sophia’s Holy Spirit working through the Will Current as the Intelligence of Cosmic Nature.3

The Archetone or Tone is used to activate the Greater Archetypes. The greater archetypes direct and change the incarnation tidal flows of souls in preparation for a new level of creation within the larger ascension rhythms.

Sophia’s Holy Spirit sounds the archetone when the Word is ready to be made manifest through the archetypal light of the unmanifested things to come. These archetypal tides move into the world through the receptive minds of the Elect (the chosen ones) in preparation for new eras in time and evolution. Thus, humanity was given the power to name and thereby to co-create through the power of the Word-made-flesh.

The Divine Nature is the will functioning within the Will of Sophia and is experienced as consciousness in Buddhi as the Informing Principle. Buddhi is the vehicle for spiritualizing the mind. At its core, is the Eternal Atom in the center of the forehead.


“Every dark mass of negativity has one penetrable point of energy.

When Light penetrates this point, the complete mass is transenergized.

Healing is made possible when one has acquired the power of


4 Ann Ree Colton

Transenergization begins with Tracing and Marking. Tracing and Marking is an Archetypal tool to spiritualize the intellect so that you may serve Sophia under direct guidance through the Verifying Principle of Sophia’s Love.

Tracing and marking summons the Initiate’s Archetypal Mind from the Will of Sophia to see each situation and event offered as life instruction, thus opening the “What” and “Why” of life in all situations.5

Tracing your underlying negative compulsions is the first stage of initiation on the spiritual path. Markings are the grace reassurances experienced during states of illumination. All ideas that come to the world to manifest heaven on earth realities are through those having extended Tracing and Marking powers.6



Stay tuned for the next post on The Soul-Powers.

Excerpts were taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

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The Holy Spirit

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