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Evolutionary Consciousness

The Ten Genesis Levels

The chakra system is an ascending stairway to heaven known as the rainbow bridge. Each color and chakra resonate at a different frequency and resonance of energy. Each chakra is a dimensional Stargate that has its own level of consciousness and evolutionary stage of consciousness development.  

As you begin to release stagnant energy within each of the chakras and expand your consciousness, you will evolve into the next level of genesis. As a collective, humanity is currently moving from Self-Genesis into Higher or Divine Self Genesis.  

To ascend, you must master all the genesis levels. It is quite common to experience a release of mucus from the body while moving from one genesis level to the next. Using the Christ Codes, you are accelerating these evolutionary cycles of development so that ascension and self-mastery within your lifetime become possible.

The Seven Year Aetheric Cycles

The fundamental stages of Genesis are designed to accomplish three things:1

  1. A body for action through physical form;

  2. A body for experience through the development of the personality; and

  3. A body for thought through the development of individuality.

Genesis occurs in seven-year aetheric cycles of consciousness development. Since the birthing of the Christ Codes, it is now possible for the dedicated Initiate to accelerate these evolutionary cycles of consciousness. (See the Aetheric Cycles Chart at the end of this chapter.)

  1. The first aetheric cycle begins with Ego Genesis in the form of self-preservation. The purpose of Ego Genesis is to develop humility through a balanced ego.

  2. The second etheric cycle is Character Genesis for the development of a consistent integrated character that can approach the inner space of the heart.

  3. The third aetheric cycle is Tribal Genesis. Tribal Genesis holds the ancestral karmic burden and gene records that are stored in the subconscious and the egotistical shell. The purpose of Tribal Genesis is to perfect the physical form through the coordinated use of the senses as an instrument for physical action.

The roadmap to mastering the first, second, and third levels

of genesis are set forth in each level of

Body-Mind Mastery.

  1. The next level of evolutionary development is Human or Family Genesis. Family Genesis enables humanity to stabilize their emotions and express their personality. The purpose of Family Genesis is for the development of reverence through the personality. Until reverence is acquired, the senses determine the field of the personality and physical experience. Consequently, the memory of your physical experiences determines your conduct in life. 

  2. The next evolutionary cycle in consciousness is Self-Genesis. The first phase of Self-Genesis is the development of humanity’s ability to think and act as an individual through the mental body. The purpose of Self-Genesis is to develop selflessness through individuality and magnification of the ego.2 Individuality is developed outside of Tribal and Family Genesis roots.

  3. The second phase of Self-Genesis is Higher or Divine Self-Genesis where the Initiate begins to impart and teach self-instruction by spiritualizing their intellect. The sense faculties become soul-faculties or soul-powers using expanded degrees of emotion and thought. Moving beyond individual expression, the Initiate seeks to align with the Mind of the Christ.

The road to mastering the fourth, fifth, and sixth levels of genesis

are set forth in each level of

Heart Mastery.

After humanity has perfected its evolution through Higher or Divine Self-Genesis, the next level of evolutionary awakening is through Cosmos Genesis. 

  1. In Cosmos Genesis, the emotional body is fully developed, and the Initiate becomes co-atom to Jesus as a Cosmos Disciple. This is made possible through the Initiate’s Divine Atom opening and aligning with the heart of Jesus.

  2. In Pro-Genesis, the Initiate will become like Jesus with cosmic powers of transubstantiation. As such, the Initiate will have the power to do all the things that Jesus did and more through the power of Christ Consciousness.

  3. In All Genesis, the Initiate becomes one with the Father in Heaven through union with the Imaging Power of the Archetypal Atom. All-Genesis leads to One Genesis.

  4. In One Genesis, the Initiate makes union with the Eternal Flame of Sophia. The Divine Union of the Archetypal Flames into One Eternal Flame represents the full integration of the Zodiacal Prototypes overseen by the Oversoul.3

The road to mastering the seventh through tenth levels of

genesis are set forth in each level of

Soul and Ascension Mastery.

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Stay tuned for the next post on The Spiritual Atoms.

Excerpts taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

Evolutionary Consciousness


1 Adaptation from the work of Colton on Genesis and the Aetheric Cycles: The Archetypal Kingdom, p. 48-54.
2 Ibid., p. 80.
3 Adaptation from the work of Colton on Genesis and the Aetheric Cycles: The Archetypal Kingdom, p. 48-54.

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