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The Archetypal Cycles

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

“Andromeda is a light system of stars within a galaxy operating in fifth dimensional frequencies and above. The merging of the Andromeda and Milky Way Galaxies is influencing the raising of your star system into a fifth dimensional star.”
The Andromeda Collective

Christ is the Diamond Center in the Archetypal Realms. Each individual archetypal image is a portion of the image of Sophia held within the Soul of the Universe.

A shift in the galaxy produces an Archetypal Cycle which changes the gravity density of souls and their outer consciousness. It is accompanied by a great expansion of spiritual enlightenment and revelation.

Ignorance is wiped out with the receipt of the archetypal light into the minds of the “Ready Ones.” Accompanying such a shift is the changing of planetary rotations, the lifting of primal veils obscuring planetary knowledge, and the opening of intraterrestrial knowledge in the inhabited solar earth systems.1

The Greater Archetypes move in rhythmic flow while the Moving Archetypes work through cyclic flow. The conjoining of the rhythmic and cyclic flows of the three archetypal actions brings new and virginal beginnings. The four archetypal actions affecting the earth are:2

  1. The Greater Archetypes;

  2. The Archetypal Kingdom;

  3. The Moving Archetypes; and

  4. The Sealing-In or Destroying Archetypes.

The Greater Archetypes

The Greater Archetypes work in 250,000-year rhythms within the Will of Sophia through Her Holy Spirit. When humanity is ready to receive the archetypal light, the Holy Spirit releases the archetones within the archetypes to mankind through Telepathic Disciples who transpose and reveal the ideas held within the archetypal light.

All spiritual evolution is over directed by the Greater Archetypes, the Moving Archetypes, and the Destroying Archetypes. Through synchronized movement, they thrust humanity forward into a New Age to directly receive the archetypal commands from the Archetypal Kingdom.3

The Archetypal Kingdom

The Archetypal Kingdom functions in 12,000-year cycles. It is the Great Unconscious of the unmanifested ideas waiting to be birthed into existences from the Mind of Sophia God. The 2,000-year interim period between the Archetypal Kingdom and the Moving Archetypes represents a time when humanity makes union with Sophia without resistance, uniting the evolutionary consciousness raised within the preceding matriarchal and patriarchal ages.4

The Moving Archetypes

The Moving Archetypes work in 10,000-year cycles of evolutionary consciousness; 5,000 years of which are focused on the development of the Divine Feminine through a matriarchal age, and 5,000 years focused on the development of the Divine Masculine through a patriarchal age.

They are reflections of the Greater Archetypes within the third dimension that stir humanity to change racial impulses; build societies to uphold moral ethics protecting family, community, and religions; and producing innovative discoveries in preparation for a New Age.

The Destroying Archetypes

The Sealing-In or Destroying Archetypes reside in the core of the earth and are reflected in the lesser regions of the astral world. They are absorbed by the emotional body of humanity when society becomes corrupt, agnostic, and decadent.

Certain negative egos are born into the world as ambassadors for the Destroying Archetypes. They act as karmic pawns of destruction, overthrowing governments, societies, and religions so that the Greater Archetypes can open the minds and souls of the unenlightened.

When the three Archetypal Actions coincide, the world experiences emotional, mental, and religious chaos purifying the masses for a new era in the awakening of Sophia Christ Consciousness.5

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Excerpts taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

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The Merging of the Andromeda and Milky Way Galaxies


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