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The Diamond Medallion of the Soul

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

The Diamond Medallion of the Soul is a scintillating sphere of supernatural light penetrating and surrounding the area of the head.1 In the Diamond Medallion Initiations, the Initiate learns about the rainbow bridge leading to the Diamond Medallion of the Soul. The perfected spiritual atoms concentrate and center their reflected light within the Soul’s Diamond Medallion which is the reservoir of the soul’s grace or good. The outer rim of the Soul’s Medallion collects negative vibrations caused by unloving actions, feelings, and thoughts in this and other lifestreams.2

Rites of Passage

Before reaching the Diamond Medallion of the Soul, you must go through the Rites of Passage in the form of ego-death experiences at each of the seven levels of the rainbow. As each chakra door or wheel is opened and cleansed of the undersoul’s shadow self, the kundalini rises to the next chakra until the rainbow bridge is completed. In youth, we are often taught to perceive the negative in everything rather than the highest good that can come from the lessons contained within the negative experience. When the rational intellectual mind focuses on its negative experiences, it will miss the lessons that are being brought to awaken and clear the forgotten mental debris stored in the subconscious mind. When the rational mind begins to look at itself from a bigger macrocosmic perspective, it will see that it is a whole body of consciousness within a larger whole. With this new perspective, the true mind may enter expanded levels of thought within creation.

The Superconscious

The blending of your dual nature into one cohesive whole will bring about an opportunity for growth through the elimination of the enclosure energies. These energies seek to imprison you through the separation caused by the rational ego-mind. The Will-Initiate can either stand at the precipice and be mind-controlled by the negative thought-forms which control the masses, or s/he can make a leap into an expanding spiral of evolutionary consciousness through discernment of the real through the superconscious. The superconscious is Christ Consciousness. To make a leap into an expanding spiral of evolutionary consciousness, the Initiate must make union with the Christ Mind. The portal or door to the Christ Mind can be reached in meditation by way of the 6th chakra located between the eyebrows.

Jesus gave us the blueprint to model our lives after in his Sermon on the Mount. In his sermon, he gave us the Love Commandments and Beatitudes which contain the 108 virtues to model our lives after in order to ascend into Sophia Christ Consciousness. When you let go of your attachment to form, the pleasure-seeking senses, and the illusions of the ego-mind, you will be born anew in spirit. You may then open the way to discover your true identity as a portion of the One Body of Christ through Self, Soul, and God-Realization. This is what Jesus meant by the second coming of the Christ. You need not experience a physical death to be born again. You need only die to the illusions created by the false prophets and little egos so that you can begin to experience the Christ Consciousness that is striving to awaken within you.

The Seven Spiritual Disciplines

There are seven (7) spiritual disciplines that help spiritualize the intellect. When the mind and spirit merge as one, it will open the soul’s inner guidance so the Initiate may understand the true nature of things. The “What” and the “Why” that is occurring in your life will then be revealed. It is not necessary to follow all the disciplines, however, the first two disciplines are mandatory to open Sacred Instruction. I have found that the more disciplines utilized, the more spiritually awakened you will become. The first two disciplines include the Five Spiritual Rhythms revealed in “The Soul-Powers” chapter. The Seven Disciplines are as follows:3

1st Discipline—Meditation that is done in conjunction with Prayer, Concentration, and Contemplation enables the thought, the heart, and the soul to unify so that a continuity of love and light may be sustained. Continuity of practice brings the physical, emotional, and mental atoms into alignment with the Divine Self, building and sustaining a power-body of light.4

2nd Discipline—Dream Cognizance is realized through the keeping of a dream journal. The conscious dreamer is an impeccable dreamer who is always aware that their thoughts are manifestation vehicles in both their waking and sleep states. Each dream teaches and instructs as to your spiritual progression in life, or lack thereof. Since each dream coincides with the cycles of the sun, moon, and planets, each phase will bring a different emphasis as to the form of its instruction. Each cycle will serve to broaden the perspective of prior lessons received during these cycles of initiation.

3rd Discipline—Tracing and Marking the interrelation between your spiritual and day-to-day experiences: It is very inspiring when you begin to see the synchronicity of events being played out in your inner and outer life. This part of journaling will help you to see how Sophia is always speaking through the soul and guiding you throughout the day and night through synchronistic events and through your dreams. The more you trace and mark the cycles of the sun, the moon, and the planets with the events in your life, the more you will see the inner nuances of the tapestry of your life unfold before you.

4th Discipline—Use of the Conscience through discerning awareness: “The heart is the first organ of the conscience.”5 The conscience is a soul-vehicle that sees truth without fear. It knows the errs and omissions of the Initiate’s actions from this and other lifestreams. The conscience speaks to you inwardly and outwardly through your grace or karma as cause and effect. This helps you to discern more readily love, ethics, and virtue. You might say the conscience is an errs and omissions policy that ensures that a dividend of grace is paid when you act with conscience, or which raises karmic premiums when you fail to heed your conscience. When you shirk your conscience, you will soon find yourself laden with fear and guilt. Self-denial and justification will quickly set in, which tends to get projected onto others. Your sleeping rhythms will become disturbed and erratic. The unheeded truth resounding from the vibratory hum of the soul’s medallion will eventually affect your health and well-being. The laws of the universe operate through your conscience to give true discrimination through the heart’s knowing. Consequently, the heart becomes the judge and jury of all your actions. Whenever you are in doubt as to what your conscience is saying, you can always find the truth by way of your heart.

5th Discipline—Awareness of the Holy Electricity through the vajra: The vajra is the mirroring action of the soul working with the conscience that reflects the Initiates errs and omissions in life. It is a wake-up call from the soul to let you know when you have gone astray. It is the grace of Sophia working in your life when you receive a vajra. The more grace you have, the quicker the vajra action will appear in your life. The vajra is always in the form of holy electricity that exposes the Initiate’s energy either through a person, action, or event. Receiving a vajra affords you the opportunity to self-adjust, apologize, and make amends for your actions. When you receive the vajra with receptivity, gratitude, and the desire to make at-one-ment, your grace multiplies tenfold.

6th Discipline—Constancy in cyclic and rhythmic practices of devotion, study, and service-oriented creativity: Tracing your journal serves to align you with the spiritual tides of the universe. When you align your actions to the cyclic rhythms of the constellations, sun, planets, earth, and moon, you will find that your life will come into synchronistic order with all of life and creation. You will no longer see yourself as the center of the universe. You will know that true joy lies in pure devotion, spiritual studies, and selfless service through creations of beauty.

7th Discipline—Observation of your placement in life: This phase of tracing your journal comes as a natural result of adhering to the six disciplines outlined above. When you research your inner and outer life with conscience, you will come to the essential knowing of:

  • Why you are here?

  • What is your soul’s dedication in life?

  • What is your soul’s evolutionary purpose?

  • What have you covenanted with Sophia to achieve in this lifetime?

All this knowing, and more, will become known as you trace and mark your existence over time and space as an immortal creation of Sophia.

©2017 - 2022 CHRIST CODES®

Stay tuned for the next post on Evolutionary Consciousness.

Excerpts taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

Diamond Medallion of the Soul

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