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The Great Illusion of the "Person"

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

In the Diamond Medallion Initiation, the Initiate is led through the rites of passage to discover the greatest illusion of them all, the illusion of a person. The receptive heart is the necessary key to revealing the Great Illusion and the creative mind is the level that exposes it.

The ego of the rational mind creates the great illusion. It does this so it can maintain the fallacy that it is in control of all the other bodies. What the rational mind needs to understand is that it is just a mind; it is not the physical body, it is not the emotional body, and it is not the spiritual or aetheric body.

The concept of a person comes from an undeveloped mind that tries to dominate, control, and direct the energy of everything, leading to the path of youthful folly.1

Youthful Folly

Youthful folly is symbolic of the confusion that stems from the unenlightened. The folly of youth is that it lingers on the precipice of a dangerous abyss through its lack of understanding. To overcome the danger, the Initiate must seek the counsel of the Higher or Divine Self which carries the knowledge of the soul’s original divine blueprint within creation. This approach creates the receptivity which is essential to properly educate oneself so that right discernment is made when walking the path of knowledge over the rainbow bridge.

To accomplish this, the Initiate must realize that its concepts of youth were influenced by its lack of ability to discern the true and the real. Thus, seeing in half or partial truths is the basic characteristic of the undeveloped mind. The Initiate has not yet learned the difference between expansive and dense levels of thought forms within consciousness. 

All thoughts originate from feelings based either on reality or illusion. All true feelings are based on unconditional love. When the Initiate is not aligned with unconditional love, the mind creates a past, present, and future of duality, disharmony, and separateness from Sophia. This is called the Maya world of gravity, sometimes referred to as the mirror world of duality, where all is not as it seems. 

Maya is created by man’s illusions and fantasies and can cause much confusion for the rational mind. Indulgence in fear-based thought forms leads the rational mind to separate and isolate itself from its Divine Nature and thus from the Mind of Sophia God.

To overcome the Maya world of dense or slower thought forms, the rational mind must understand that dense-level thoughts are fragmented thoughts. They are thoughts caught in the web of illusion surrounding the concept of a “person.” This illusory concept is created by the rational mind and its warped perception of reality that thinks it is the only one.  

As a co-creator with Sophia, the rational mind must realize that physical reality results from the mental body’s thought forms which are magnetized through the focus of its attention. In other words, where the mind goes, the energy follows. 

These thought forms manifest into physical form through the electromagnetic body and are expressions of the masculine being out of balance with the feminine. When the rational mind is finally able to discern the great illusion of the person, it frees up the mind to become the witness of its world instead of the fool that thinks it is the world.

Through receptivity, youthful folly is open to expansive thought forms through the admission of what it does not know and by asking for and following the guidance from its Divine Self.2

The Wanderer

"Wherever greatness exhausts itself, it is sure to lose its home.”3 A wandering fool cannot easily find its place; therefore, it is important to see the meaning of the time within the initiatory process through the Informing and Coinciding Principle.

“The Informing and Coinciding Principle is the Intelligible side of the true-mind functioning within the four aspects of mind. The Coinciding begins when one recognizes there is a mathematical Law of Order caring for him.”4

When the rational mind attempts to separate itself from the whole, it maligns and attempts to destroy that of which it is a part. Thus, the dense-level undersoul thoughts emerge as outer diversions that drain energy and destroy the spirit’s initiative by blocking creative thought forms, revelations, and guiding telepathy from the Divine Self.

Consequently, the dense-level thoughts of the rational mind and their accompanying habits suffocate and deafen the voice of the Divine Self, the guiding light of the mind. To overcome this inclination, the wandering fool must find inner stillness within meditation and cling to the clarity obtained in this state of consciousness. 

When the fool overcomes the ways of youth and learns to become the witness, the spiritualized mind will begin to learn from the other bodies. With this level of receptivity, the mind can then venture forth and discover the four states of consciousness: the conscious, the subconscious, the higher unconscious, and the superconscious so they may begin to function and become one.

These four states of mind correlate to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes of consciousness. These four planes of consciousness are divulged in the seven rites of passage leading to the Spiritual Path of Illumination.


Stay tuned for the next post on The Guardian of Nature.

Excerpts were taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

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Overcoming youthful folly
Witness of the World

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