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The Great Battle of the Rationale Mind

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

“Everything is Perfect!”1 Without this basic knowledge, there is no way to approach Sophia with enough respect to be able to understand Her Creations.

The mind must have this knowledge to understand that everything happens in perfect timing to the needs of the soul; not the mind, not the emotions, and not the body. When the mind has this knowledge, it can free itself from having to control everything.  

The Great Battle is between the rational beings, not the forces, and happens in thought. Most human motivations come from the ego-mind concerning itself with its survival in the physical.2

This causes the ego-mind to project its needs onto the body. With this approach, the mind separates itself from the whole of creation and the guiding light of the Divine Self.

When the ego-mind is freed from relating to its own survival, it will see that it is not the thought, it is merely the vehicle to receive the thought present in the quantum field as particles of energy. As such, thoughts cannot be owned. Thoughts are received through the power of your attention which determines the magnetic attraction to the thought. 

The attention and purity of the mind determines the depth of the thought. The power to attract pure thought-forms comes from the strength of the electromagnetic field of the heart. Accordingly, if the heart is filled with love, joy, and peace, it will attract high frequency thoughts. If the heart is suffocated by negative mental-emotions, it will attract low frequency thoughts. 

As a mental vehicle, the intellect confines the mind with a rationale that always seeks to define, limit, categorize, and control. Thus, the ego or rational mind disconnects from the Mind of Sophia God through its value judgment of thought. Naming a person, place, or thing keeps the third-dimensional reality fixated as a mass hallucination. Fast, high frequency thoughts create an ever-changing unfixed reality, just like in your Dreamtime. 

The Mind of Sophia God

All thoughts travel at different frequencies according to their relationship to the Mind of Sophia God. The Initiate’s relationship with the Mind of Sophia God determines the speed of the thought. The speed of the thought is determined by your perspective of the Mind of God. 

The rational mind cannot travel fast enough to get the attention of the Mind of Sophia God. However, one can be introduced to a fast thought if the one who is being introduced to the fast thought respects the thought. 

The way to demonstrate respect for a fast thought is to allow the thought to be communicated, without interference. When a thought is respected, it will allow itself to be written down and even introduce you to faster thoughts.

A developed mind can flow between the fixed and ever-changing reality whenever it chooses to. When one sees through penetration by gazing, rather than staring, reality changes form. This ability allows the Initiate to focus on inner space. The deeper the space you travel in, the faster the thought.

This is when holding the mind together comes into play. When the Initiate sees reality changing form, the mind must hold itself together long enough to receive a more profound understanding of its Divine Nature within the Mind of Sophia God.  

The purer the mind is, the closer is its relationship to the Mind of Sophia God. The purity of the mind is determined by its relationship to the electromagnetic field of the heart. Until the mind is spiritualized through the heart, the mind cannot be trusted to accurately reflect what is happening, in either of the four bodies.


Stay tuned for the next post on The Electromagnetic Body.

Excerpts were taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

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The Rational Mind


1 Thompson, The Forbidden Book of Knowledge, p. 124.
2 Ibid., p. 46.
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