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The Guardian of Nature

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Humanity was given three kingdoms or matrices to experience life as a steward of the earth. The three matrices are the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. The red door is the door of the physical world in third-dimensional space. Once something is seen in the physical, it has already happened in the past, yet there are so many seeming opposites.

The Secret Paradox of Nature is that there are no opposites, only temporary complements that complete one another. As such, the paradoxical nature of the physical world is the Guardian of Nature.1

The Guardian of Nature assures the Initiate that no one may enter the inner space of the heart until they have resolved the conflicts within their mind and emotions on their return journey home to Sophia.  

Conflict and Return

There is always conflict in the refining of one’s character. This is called the mask of the red death. The red death attempts to cover up the death of the old character to make way for the new character that is strong enough to approach Sophia Source.2 

To approach inner space, the Initiate must remove the stones from their heart that block the way of their return journey home. Until then, the deeper mysteries of the physical body cannot be fully understood. The return journey develops the receptivity that establishes the speed of the return. At some point, the Initiate realizes that its creations are also the creations of Sophia. As the Initiate increases their receptivity, they become a guide for other minds and are given the power of creativity through the co-creative powers of Sophia.

The Mirror World of Duality

When man embodied physical form in the mirror world of duality, the Light of Sophia was bent or refracted as it was stepped down into denser frequencies of energy. The stepping down of Light into the chakras over the spinal canal of the spiritual or aetheric body is likened to taking on a coat of skin, described in Genesis as “the fall.” 

Your descent from heaven took you from the Light of Sophia into the gravity world of Maya in which you now exist. Maya is the playground of the lesser forces where you learn through pain and suffering. The road to Maya is paved by a lack of faith and separateness from Sophia. 

As long as truth prevails, you will know and understand that your suffering has been caused through your seeking fulfillment outside of yourself, through selfish desires, and through sentient and materialistic ways of thinking, doing, and living. When your suffering can no longer be endured, you will seek inner knowing to make union with your Higher or Divine Self.


Stay tuned for the next post on The True Emotions.

Excerpts were taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

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The Guardians of Nature


1 Thompson, The Forbidden Book of Knowledge, p. 37.
2 Adaptation from the work of Thompson, Ibid., p. 38.

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