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The Mental Body

The mental body was given to humanity to experience memory, will, and images. The mental body is a composite field of light that has a dense and expanded aspect. The dense aspect, as the lower negative mind, has the power to cohere, confine, and enclose. It is dependent on the forceful psychic energy coils from inherited ancestral mental habits and from other lifestreams. The dense or lower mind serves the physical senses using ancestral memory and instincts. The lower mental body works with the lower aetheric body.

The Spiritualized Mind

The spiritualized mind is a soul-vehicle that works with the Higher or Divine Self through a complex field of light known as the mental body. Mental willing or forceful removal of one’s aggressions activates the fiery side of the undersoul causing suffering and defeat. The spiritualized mind seeks to clear the field of the dense lower mind and to quiet its undeveloped aspects. The will works as a matrix for the spiritualized mind and seeks to clear the field of the dense negative mind.

Perfecting Earthbound Consciousness The undersoul is a vehicle for perfecting earthbound consciousness. It functions through:

  • The Negative Emotions;

  • The Ego;

  • The Negative Mind;

  • The Senses;

  • The Will; and

  • The Conscience.

The undersoul is a vehicle for negative emotions. It magnifies your feelings through the fiery aspect of the emotional and mental atoms falling into the undersoul. The residue causes pain and unrest flowing out in cycles of heated turmoil.

The undersoul and the subconscious mind work together. The subconscious mind contracts and the undersoul expands, manifesting what is sleeping in the subconscious through an ego-regulating process.

The Ego

“The ego is a vehicle for the intellect.”1 It functions through the restrictions of the dense or lower mind through fear and separation. It works in the form of hostilities, anger, and hate which are all stored in the undersoul. The ego works through restrictions of the lower or dense mind by way of the personality, other lifestreams, ancestral memories, and gene records stored in the subconscious and the egotistical shell. If one has failed to respond to their tribal, and/or family conscience in this or other lifestreams, the undersoul will build around itself an egotistical shell.2 When the Initiate dedicates their life in service to Sophia, they will be initiated by the Dweller. This occurs in the last stages of the Initiate dying to their egotistical shell. The dweller is entitized to karmic energy that is forged from conjunctions of mass disparaging ancestral karmic traits producing conflict in a family, religious body, race, or nation. To be exposed to a dweller is the most severe of initiations. It is called a dark Kali experience.3

The Negative Mind, The Senses, and The Conscience

As a vehicle for the negative mind, the undersoul seals itself away from the expansive or witnessing mind, the upper or expansive emotions, the soul, and the Divine Self. The negative mind can only be emptied through faith and complete receptivity to the flow of the Holy Spirit working through the Will of Sophia as the Intelligence of Cosmic Nature.

Each of the senses correlates to one of the elements as earth, water, plasma, fire, air, aether, or bioplasma. This occurs through activities of the body, the mind, emotions, and the spirit. Every sense has a function for the making of thought processes.4 When connected to the negative activities of the mind, the senses clothe themselves in one of the elements as follows:5

  • Earth (unteachableness);

  • Water (instability);

  • Plasma (nervousness);

  • Fire (psychic obsession),

  • Air (scatteredness),

  • Aether (telepathy), or

  • Bioplasma (cellular degeneration).

The conscience is a soul-mind vehicle. Prayer, contemplation, meditation, and the speaking of mantrams clear the conscience.6

The Three Matrices

Upon entering this Eternity System, three triad atoms were quickened in the mental body of each person. The Initiate gains mastery over the three mental atoms through spiritual initiations that free the nine dormant atoms within the mental body:7

  • The First Matrix: Through Lunar Initiations from the feet to the pelvic center of the body, karma concealed in the personality is divulged leading the Initiate to rise as a Sun-Initiate.

  • The Second Matrix: One is initiated in the lesser aetheric body through both Lunar and Solar Initiations through the pelvic center to above the diaphragm. The second matrix is connected to the sun and functions through the field of desire and the emotional nature, the psychological and metaphysical levels of consciousness, as well as the dense or lower mind.

  • The Third Matrix: Through Solar Initiations within the heart up to the crown chakra, the Initiate will experience the I AM Presence of Sophia which correlates directly to the Sun and the Invisible Sun of the Christ.8

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Excerpts taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

The Mental Body

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