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The Seed Atoms

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Four Cords of Life

The four cords or threads of life are the Kundalini Sushumna Cord, the Soul’s Silver Cord, the Umbilical Cord, and the Archetypal Cord. The Soul Cord and the Umbilical Cord are both projections of the Archetypal Cord.1 Each of the cords corresponds to one of the Four Decrees of Sophia through your spiritual atoms:

  1. SOPHIA - The Love of Sophia is carried through the Kundalini Sushumna Cord. It transports the vital life force energy known as prana along the Nadi or meridian pathways.

  2. SO - The Light of Sophia is transported through the Soul Cord. The Soul Cord sustains the eternal life of the soul and enables the upper aetheric body to be released into night flight within the seven dream veils. It also provides the means to withdraw from the physical body at the time of death. 

  3. PHI - The Life of Sophia flows through the Umbilical Cord and sustains the life of the embryo gestating inside of the womb.

  4. A - The Will of Sophia is conducted through the Spiritual or Archetypal Cord. It is the thread between the Divine Self and the soul that sustains the true identity of the Spiritual Self. It also determines the length of life in the body through the Hum of the Archetypal Cord.

Each of these cords have a relationship with your physical atoms. 

  • The Kundalini Sushumna Cord harmonizes with the Love of Sophia through the nucleus of the atom.

  • The Soul Cord as Light connects to the proton through the Masculine Principle.

  • The Umbilical Cord as Life interacts with the Feminine Principle through the electron. 

  • The Spiritual or Archetypal Cord communicates through the neutron of the atom as the Will of Sophia acting through Her Holy Spirit as Divine Intelligence.

The Seed Atoms

The chakras, as soul-vortex energy centers, are doorways into your multidimensional lifestreams. Just like in the Great Cosmos Web of Life, the heart-womb of Sophia is the center of the cosmos as the point of singularity that connects everything in the macrocosm to the microcosm. From that central or zero point, you are connected through your Anahata or heart chakra to Sophia, the Source of All That Is. 

Within the center of each chakra is a seed atom that contains a black hole doorway into the universe that lies within you. The most important seed atoms are the Sacred Heart or Divine Atom, the Indestructible or Eternal Atom, and the Eternal Sustaining or Archetypal Atom.

The most important seed atom in relation to this lifestream is the sacred heart’s Divine Atom which holds the original blueprint as the ark of the covenant vehicle.

1. The Divine Atom resides at the level of the heart at the fourth (4th) chakra and holds the memory of your present physical incarnation which is recorded within your blood. It also holds the key to accessing the superconscious centers through union with your Divine Self.

There are twenty-four chambers within your sacred heart’s Divine Atom which correlate to your twelve (12) prototypical lifestream embodiments within the female form; and your twelve (12) prototypical embodiments within the male form.2 A portion of your Ascension work is to dissolve the prototypical shells from your other lifestreams enabling you to access and receive your soul lessons and knowledge.

2. Next, there is the Eternal Atom which is directly connected with the recovery of your Akashic records. It can be accessed through the tenth (10th) chakra located in the middle of your forehead. This is the home place of the Divine Nature which is experienced as consciousness in Buddhi through the Informing Principle.

3. Finally, the Archetypal Atom carries the archetypal blueprint that carries the knowledge of all that has been earned and retained in former eternity systems by the individual soul. The opening of the Archetypal Atom will produce an Omniscient Cell giving Christ revelatory powers of cosmos prophecy to advanced Initiates and seers of the Avatar Light.3 It can be accessed through your twelfth (12th) chakra located an arms-length above your head. The Divine Self is also centered in the Archetypal Atom.

When the Divine Atom, the Eternal Atom, and the Archetypal Atom are one, the Initiate earns the power of transubstantiation.4

The Eternal Atom

For information on the Eternal Atom, go to Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery/Keycode 777/The Seed Atoms.

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The Seed Atoms


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