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The Soul’s Reason for BEing

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

After a profound meditation experience with Divine Mother Sophia where she revealed the Soul’s journey through the cosmic web of life, I realized that every Soul is brought into existence to not only expand life and consciousness within Creation but to become a conscious representative and co-creator. Each one of us is here on a Soul mission to re-member who we are and create something extraordinary with Sophia.

As a Soul, you are as infinite as Mother Sophia. When your Soul cried out for birth, Divine Mother answered the call and you were birthed through Mother Sophia’s black womb space of no-thing. In response to that cry, you were also given a sui generis blueprint sequence and all of Her omniscient pure qualities embedded within a Divine Genome.

The first manifestation vehicle of the Soul descending into physicality is the electron. In quantum physics, we know the electron can be in multiple places at the same time. Accordingly, the Soul embodies a diversiform of physical manifestations, simultaneously, which are overseen and guided by the Oversoul. Past, present and future are really happening in the NOW!

As a holographic image of Divine Mother Sophia, your specific blueprint was latently embedded within the genes of your DNA, for awakening. The way to identify that blueprint is through your passion. Whatever you do that gives you the most joy, enthusiasm and excitement is your reason for BEing. Every profound moment, in your life, holds the key to unlocking the mystery of who you truly are. The story, itself, is not as important as the multidimensional purpose that is revealed through the heroic saga of your journey throughout the quantum universe.

To discover your reason for BEing, begin by dropping your consciousness into the still-point within the Sacred Atom of your heart using your breath to guide you. The still-point is the portal to Sophia Christ Consciousness where you can access all your electrons. When you drop into the still-point you might find thoughts not wanting to enter into silence. If so, allow them to present themselves, without judgment, as the witness.

If you find what is presenting itself is not truly who you are, let the thoughts dissolve into the light. As an infinite container, it is best to empty yourself of all the programming and viral belief systems that you have unconsciously accepted as your reality. Breathe into that space and allow yourself to be the emptiness and fullness of all that you are. This is what is known as clearing your space.

Now that you have emptied your container, visualize yourself as points of light expanding within your universe and begin communing with Mother Sophia. Next, ask Her the fervent questions you have longed to know and listen and feel your heart awakening to the call of remembrance. It’s time to celebrate and reclaim the passion and joy of your life through prayer, song, dance, or whatever moves you. Now, rejoice in the return of your innocence as the Phoenix rising!

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