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Christ Codes®

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

When seeded into language utilizing Soul Powers of Creation, the Christ Codes provide a full vocabulary of energetic ciphers to raise Sophia Christ Consciousness.

In my first Raja Yoga meditation, I asked to make union with Divine Mother and was gifted with a vision of the Great Cosmic Womb within the web of life. Over the next three days, I was shown the Soul’s journey from birth back to Source. Once awakened to our True Self, we are sent out as points of Light to assist in Creation as co-creators and representatives of Sophia Source. Although it has taken decades to understand the greater meaning of this vision, my heartfelt prayerful desire has been for the healing of Mother Earth and all her children. Since then, my journey has opened “The Way” to commune with Sophia, the Archangels and many Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Ascended Masters guiding me into Sophia Christ Consciousness.

However, from 2010-15, my outward service ceased during the healing of a lengthy illness in which I came close to death from complications from HCV.  Proclaiming my desire to live and fulfill my Soul’s destiny, a miraculous healing began. Moving back into service, I received a vision in January 2017, where I entered a room filled with gold books. Jesus was present with one of the books opened before me. I asked him what was contained in the book and was shown it was knowledge for an archetypal blueprint to speak in a more advanced language.

Immediately thereafter, I started receiving the energetic blueprint for the diamond Christ Codes. They were seeded within a light ray transmission into the sacred atom of my heart and into the cells of my body as blue diamonds of light. While receiving this light transmission, I asked how the Christ Codes would be disseminated. I saw they would be embedded into my writing and teaching and those in my presence would be activated at the level they were ready to receive the Codex.​

Discovering who I truly am, I now embody Sophia Christ Consciousness as Son’Yah, the Oracle of the Christ Codes® through the transmission of a “Living Light Language.” The Christ Codes are immortal healers of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energetics through the quantum realm. They hold a vibratory resonance and frequency of sound, light and form that reveal a three-fold path to Sophia Christ awakening.  As a trinity blueprint, they activate and unify the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine sides of your Nature back into the One body of Sophia Christ through the Divine Self.

When seeded into language utilizing Soul Powers of Creation, the Christ Codes provide a full vocabulary of energetic ciphers to raise Sophia Christ Consciousness. They provide a platform for embodying the latent primordial gene embedded in your Soul and for invoking quantum empowerment healing. As expressions of the Constants of Sophia Source, the Christ Codes vibrationally speak to and through your heart into the cells of your body. When aligned with the Constants, the sacred atom of your heart is activated, establishing a foundation for birthing miracles in your life and our world through your intentions.

To get the Christ Codes book, click here.

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